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  1. The second 1984 Raleigh Magnum I purchased in 2016. This one was the rougher of the two. Original seat, seat post, seat post clamp and head stem. New decals, paint and a few other bits including some old school IRC comp 3 tyres.
  2. A part restored 1982 Apollo MK2 Spitfire. I tried to keep as many of the original parts as possible.
  3. Cheers @olds cool I enjoy restoring all kinds of bikes. I get more out of the low budget ones, I like to do the painting. I just need to get better at the prep.
  4. Very nice.
  5. 100% Survivor mode. Don't see too many of these here in Oz. Basic low end freestyler. Will be doing a complete resto on this eventually.
  6. There's a few in front of it yet @agent smith but the list is finally getting shorter.
  7. Stripped and hand polished. A really nice ride.
  8. 1998 DK General Lee. This one came to me as a frame and cranks only. Tried over a good 18 month period to collect as many DK parts as possible. Re-sprayed and made new decals myself - at the time there were no repro DK General Lee decals available. DK now do aftermarket decals out of the USA.
  9. 1986 Mongoose Expert

    86 Mongoose Expert in survivor mode. This is how I found it. Has since been cleaned up.
  10. 1982 Quicksilver 24

    100% Survivor Quicksilver cruiser from 1982. At some point in it's life the tyres, seat and chainring were changed.
  11. Awesome. Never seen one before.
  12. sweet.
  13. Great looking bike
  14. Can you have a look on the rear drop out and post up the year. I'll amend the title for you. Cheers
  15. Can you have a look on the rear drop out and post up the year. I'll amend the title for you. Cheers
  16. A rough frame fork bars and seat was all I had to start with. Pretty happy with where it ended up. Needed to recreate the decals for this one.
  17. Another beauty.
  18. Is this one still like in its birthday suit?
  19. 1999 GT Performer

    The frame and fork were pretty rough when I got it. The only reason I bought it was for the Sealed Bearing ACS GT 3 spoke tuffs. Looked great all finished.