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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Slider. Glad you're happy.
  2. Posting this for one of our customers in the hope that someone can tell him something/anything about these two belt buckles he came across. Are they anything special/rare/valuable etc They're a heavy, metal jigger. The glasses are just there as a reference for their size. Many thanks
  3. Really appreciate the positive comments, guys. Funnily enough, this decision was both really easy and very difficult all at the same time. On the one hand I wanted to be able to offer people the complete one-stop-shop... but on the other hand, the stress of having to be responsible for work we couldn't actually control was turning my brain to mush and pushing my blood pressure sky-high. So thanks again for your understanding… hopefully people won’t have too much trouble finding somewhere to polish and plate for them. And of course we’re still here for any and all repair and restoration work you may need doing before that. Cheers Jon
  4. Just wanting to let people know that we are NO LONGER doing polishing and chrome/nickel plating here at GripSport. NOTHING else is changing ... we're still doing the best frame repairs and restoration work anywhere in the free world as per this CLICK HERE ... we're still painting and powdercoating as per this CLICK HERE ... we're still making the world's best bike carrier systems as per this CLICK HERE ... and the boss is still doing his little lunchtime show for the boys in the factory as per CLICK HERE So like we said... the ONLY thing changing is that from now on people will need to organise their own polishing and plating after our repair or restoration work. And if you're interested, we even explain why RIGHT HERE Cheers
  5. Not sure if a month "is far from enough time passing"... or if waiting 2+ years for payment would be OK if it was you waiting for that payment : To the best of my knowledge (keeping in mind that my entire legal experience comes from watching Boston Legal) it's not so much the time frame as the attempts (recorded and verifiable) made to contact the person. In our case I was advised that 1-3 months is reasonable. Anyway... The owner finally got back to us and has paid for his frame. So thank you all for the help and suggestions. I get the impression that someone may have pointed the owner towards this thread; making it clear that his frame was going to end up with another owner if the matter wasn't dealt with. 'Aint cyber-space just wonderful? Cheers Jon
  6. We always give people a chance, but like I said, so far it's over a month and 6 ignored emails and at some stage we need to get paid for our work. And as far as I'm concerned facebook is the devil's bastard child... I'm proud to say I wouldn't know how to use it.
  7. Thanks for the effort, guys. Much appreciated... and of course I'd prefer this to get back to its owner if possible. But we have had a few people ask about buying it if that's not possible. I'll keep trying for the owner a little while longer, but it's been over a month and 6 emails so far... so that option isn't looking great. For anyone that's interested and so you know the exact state of this frame... we have replaced the downtube, done a full resto to the rest of it (getting rid of every ding/scratch/gouge) and then a show-quality polish, nickel plate and chrome. To be honest I think it looks better than factory-new. I'll re-post if we're going to have to sell this off, but in the meantime if anyone knows this JASON SWIT I'd appreciate some contact details. Cheers Jon
  8. We've done a full restoration on the JMC XL you see below here, but the owner has gone AWOL and I'm hoping another OZMBX member might know him and have some more up-to-date contact details for him. Hi name is JASON SWIT. Lives in Sydney... possibly Redfern area. The phone number we had for him isn't working, he's not replying to emails... but they're not bouncing back either so the address is probably still active. Maybe he just doesn't want the frame anymore!!!!! If you know him please get him to call us ASAP or pass on his contact details to us. The bottom line is if we don't hear from him soon we're going to sell off the frame to recover our costs. Cheers Jon PH: (03) 9466 2553 Email:
  9. Hi guys, first post here and seeing we're getting more and more BMX resto work and hearing so much about this forum/site I figured I'd take a gander and while I'm here clarify a few issues to with our powdercoating service. Yes we have our P/Coating work done by an outside company and yes we charge more than you'd pay if you waltz into your local P/Coating shop. And the reason for that? Well, one of the problems with general powdercoating places is that they paint anything and everything and not only do they not necessarily understand the bits of a bike frame not to paint, but a delicate frame may well end up in an oven with other people's work that happens to need extended periods of time and high temperatures. And unfortunately those extended times and high temps can adversely effect the heat treatment qualities of a bike frame and compromise its structural integrity. Just imagine what happens (invisibly, of course.... we're talking about the metallurgical properties of heat treated metals here) if a bike frame goes into an oven with say a solid piece of a forklift truck that needs many hours of high heat just to get the powdercoating to work (i.e. stick to it)? We actually contract a powdercoat specialist, and pay a hefty premium, to have frames treated exactly the way we specify as far as oven temperatures and times go, so it's not unusual for our powdercoater's oven to be absolutely empty except for our work. And not only does that cost, but "general" powdercoating places just wont do that unless a customer is prepared to pay for exclusive oven times etc. And besides all the frame repair and restoration work we do before painting, we then also do all the prep work which includes things like de-chroming, glass bead blasting, acid-"vapour" softening of old paint & P/Coat before bead blasting (we do NOT acid "dip" - very yucky for your frame), hand rubbing and protecting all the areas of a frame that shouldn't be painted (threads, bearing seats etc). Hope this clarifies the whole issue of powdercoating at GripSport. We've never claimed to be the cheapest at anything we do… we're really only interested in being the best at it . Cheers Jon Weaving GripSport