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  1. A friend of mine won one of these in the same colour on Simon Townsand's Wonder World. That would have been around 1979-80. That's a tv show from back in the day Supermax. Ask your dad about it;)
  2. Like the Patriot grips you have. I also have a set for my 20" TA. Cheers mate, the grips get dirty very easy but I've found that Orange Power spray gets the grime off.
  3. Well I finally got it finished this week after collecting parts for nearly a year. Rides very nicely.
  4. Well I finally got it finished this week after collecting parts for nearly a year. Rides very nicely.
  5. Thanks for all the advice guys. I think I might go with Star Plating in Vic at this stage. GT Interceptor, I took some of my Hutch parts to Vinci and I wasn't impressed at all. I had to take the parts back twice and they still didn't get it right. I couldn't believe this guy at Ultra Chrome today boosting his price up by so much. I said to him, if you don't want to do the job just say so. He was extremely arrogant about the whole thing too.
  6. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a chrome plater? Anywhere is OZ is fine except for WA. Looking for someone who uses copper plating in the process. I went to a guy here in Perth (Ultra Chrome) just before Xmas to get some JC Stoker cranks plated and he said he'd charge $80 to do the job but not until after Xmas as he was having a few weeks off. I go back to him today and he asks for $180. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, John
  7. Johnny Chopper with JDB Hutch pedals
  8. Took a few more pics today, thought you might like to see.
  9. Yeah I believe it was rechromed before I got it. I got the JC cranks last year when Gary was in Perth, just wish I had of bought two sets now.
  10. Thanks for all the kind words and for all to all those who helped with info and parts etc (Bradster,Cuppla and Mike to name a few) I had the bike down at BB cycles getting the bottom bracket and cranks put on put as I was having trouble with it. I'd love to go for a ride but I'm working Friday night unfortunately:( Maybe another time.
  11. I had a MCS Magnum back in 82, I'd really like to do one of them next. That bike was stolen from Morely Bowling Centre. If anyones seen it could you please PM me
  12. It's only taken 28 years but here's my very first Hutch XL24 that I've just finished putting together. I hope you like it:) Parts Breakdown: Pre Serial, Non Drilled Hutch XL24 Frame Hutch Cruiser Bars Hucth Deep H Stem (JDB) Hutch 2 in 1 Stem Clamp Hutch Seat Clamp Kashimax Seat MX 1000 Brakes Johnny Chopper Cranks and Power Disc Izumi Light Weight Chain Hutch Bear Traps (JDB) Alex Rims (Araya stickers) Suzue Hubs (Hutch Stickers) Nora Cup Sticker (Not period correct but I like it) I'm hoping to finish it off with a genuine set of Araya rims, Hutch grips and Bullseye hubs.
  13. Very nice looking bike, love all the chrome. Can you post a list of all the parts please?