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  1. Voted 88 Trickstar 2 white tires on a freestyle bike iceing on the cake.
  2. Very nice!!!
  3. Close please
  4. Close thread please.
  5. Sorry 89 pro freestyle tour and team model.
  6. Gday oz just had question about the rear brakes on the 89 as i downloaded a catalog and it seems the freestyle world tour/team and pro have calliper rears yet years before and after were 990 also none on the museum with caliper rears. I ask because i have a 90 performer but I'm not a fan of 90 decals and i can't really see any difference between the 90 and 89 frame and forks except for the fork dropouts. If anyone has information about this it would be much appreciated. Thanks oz.
  7. Matching forks for the invert?
  8. I have a nos spinmaster 2 set up no cables that i will never use so if someone wants to trade for it let me know what you got and pm for pics thanks.
  9. Well if you read what people are saying in this thread and the botm thread then you wouldn't be asking the same question over and over because it's been answered, we can go on forever if you want.
  10. Lol i know i know.
  11. Na you're wrong I'm not whinging and neither is anyone else that supports this idea, the only whinging is coming from people like you that don't like the idea even though it won't affect you in any way. I asked Adge for another fbotm just the one mth and now that there is money up for grabs he doesn't want to exclude anyone which is fine so he's throwing ideas out there and some freestylers are supporting it and if something comes of it great and if not oh well it was worth a shot. I started this thread to see how much support is out there not for people like you to shit on it so go start your own thread to shit on this idea.
  12. Know one needs it, some of us want it, you don't want to be involved no problems don't be. If Adge offers to get something going for the guy's that want it if he get the support then so be it. That's about as polished as a response your going to get from me on a subject I'm passionate about, i could have just said if you don't like it and have no intention of being involved in it then just FUC OFF but i didn't did i.
  13. I wouldn't say no to that Adge and if i can help in anyway let me know. I still think it would have more appeal if there is different categories, endless possibilities like survivor, old and mid, brand/model specific categories like haro master, i don't own one personally but what freestyle guy's not gonna enjoy a mth worth of Masters to look at. Gotta show your support if you want this guys.
  14. I agree with trojan race bikes should have their own botm, hope you voted mate, lol at the very least we can have a dig and a laugh without threatening eachother.