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  1. Can't argue with the price
  2. If i wasn't saving for a holiday in January, I'd have dibs that frame set within the hour☺
  3. P.M. sent, ( i think).
  4. Dibs the Shimano DX
  5. Im not suggesting this fellas on drugs and i quite like this build, but 2.5k. Really?? Hope he gets it cos i have one in chrome☺☺☺
  6. No worries, thanks. New it is.
  7. Ahoy there cobbers, i have these old Dia Comp brake shoes that i removed from some nice old MX1000's, judging by how hard the rubber is and the condition of the callipers I'm guessing they may be the original shoes. So..........Has anyone had any success with softening up the rubber on old or NOS brake shoes? Im thinking of giving them a soak in some brake fluid. Any advice is well appreciated. Cheers.
  8. Picked this up tonight, 85 Expert. sun rims/suzue hf hubs, (dont know much about sun's). the chrome is still pretty nice, I think it will come up nice once I swap all the racing parts with "old man" riding parts.
  9. Blue and chrome is always a winner☺ and i still like to run the old cro mo opc on a couple of mine.
  10. There was a jap car in the late eigties that had a "Redline" edition might have been Nissan? (un related to the bmx brand)
  11. Think I'd rather be a wombat☺. eats roots and leaves. Steam rollers don't roll steam and they don't bend bananas in Queensland (evedently).
  12. Price for a complete set? and payment method (s)
  13. I use kick stands on all my os amd ms frames. Yes i get teased by my mates but out on a ride mine is standing up while theirs are all laying in the dirt. If you're fitting it through a match box then i suggest a nylock nut so you dont sqaush the match box. My local bike shop normally has them, the ones pictured are designed to be cut to length but you can get adjustable telescopic ones. Definately makes it easier to move them around.
  14. I paid $100 for my frame forks bars and chain ring to be done in parakeet green, Art Metal In the Holden Hill area, they did an excellent job but it copped a bit of black over spray which i didnt notice until after i put my $60 sticker set on it, i gave it a good once over in their show room but i guess the lighting hid them, I didnt bother taking it back because i can live with it. Then theres the sand blast and chrome debate. They told me chrome has to be "unchromed" and that you cant sand blast it,(They cannot explaine why??) Bullshit! A friend of mine has sand blasted lots of my old chrome parts where he works and they have powdered up nicely? Another mate of mine went there and they realy botched it up, seems they are professional one day and backyarders the next, he had his done in white so he went to a local fencing company and they did an awsome job for about $25, frame and forks. Seem Adelaide is just a hard place to find consistently quality work.
  15. Wow, thats laughable,