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  1. No worries mate. You snooze you lose. Can’t believe I missed it on FB though. Can I ask how much it went for?
  2. Hi mate, thanks for the reply. I’ve only just discovered tonight that the forum is up and running again so apologies for the late response. If it’s still available I’d be keen to check it out and take it off your hands. Cheers
  3. I’m looking out for a new cheap and cheerful caravan park cruiser. OK with a frameset or survivor complete in original chrome. I’m in VIC. Cheers.
  4. Na mate, its leather over plastic. It's kind of shaped the same as an Elina
  5. Cheers fellas!
  6. Finally got around to finishing the build today. Restored some old DX pedals (rebuilt and refinished, not the best job but pretty good for my first go at it), cleaned up some old Tange grips in the dishwasher, Nitto seat post. Went with something different for the seat, an Ariake Jaguar 2. Looks pretty good and it's comfortable to ride on. Benny came through with the Tuf Neck chainring and MX1000 brakes (I have the fronts too but she pulls up nice on the back). Some survivor Sugino CT cranks and a custom made frame pad to finish her off. Hope you like it.
  7. Thanks mate, yours looks like a sweet ride. Tuffs look cool.
  8. Thanks Alan
  9. Cheers boys
  10. Thanks mate. If she rides as nice as she rolls it'll be a gem. Feels really balanced and surprisingly light.
  11. Pedals are nearly done too.
  12. A couple more,
  13. Been awhile since the last post. I've added some CT cranks, some old Tange grips, refurbed mx100 brakeset (I have the front which I'll throw on soon) and a nice Ariake Jaguar II seat. Gone a bit outside the plan of focusing on Jap parts with the chainring but looks pretty sweet I think.
  14. Just landed in Adelaide with some mates to watch the cricket. Had a Fat Yak and now on the rabbits. What is it with animal themed beers?? Cheers boys!
  15. Thanks boys, I'm rapt with it. Got some new snake bellies on the way and she's done.