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  1. Hi All, the Red Dirt Hill or RDH was first used around 1975-76 when Woolworths stopped earthworks and left us the perfect place for BMX , Myself ( Mouse) and Darryl White, he's the one in the red jumper behind me , Barry (whoa) Griffiths ..lee.. Scott ( chisel) Cashman, Troy ( snapper) McCarthy , Paul ( Quincy) King ,Richard ( chook) Coupe were the very first to land there as we lived just around the corner and then about a year later came the Mt Gravatt crew , Tony Osborne, Warren Sherock who are in a lot of the photos posted arrived..with Clinton Bohen, arrived they were some of the best but nevet quite caught up to the originals .. Great days, record was about 170 one Sat and we used to egg the dig shoed at Market Square, Brad Kelly hung a mannequin off the top of the drive in pictures , egg and throw fruit at McDonalds and we always got chased back to the red hill where we couldn't be caught..we used to spend $90 on a frame and about $50 per tuff , mine was blue quicksvet yellow tiuffs, i remember buying off Greg ( bam a lam ) Bechan custom alloys to make me go faster .. They made no difference just bent on the big jumps.. As for the day when Whoa's dad drove his HD wagon flat out through the RDH over all terrain it will be one of the biggest days due full tanks ever ...
  2. His name was Basil Polasis my old man and him went fishing all the time.
  3. Sorry from Whoa again???
  4. Also the Bonz , remember turing off the chinese resturant, girls getting burged and who could forget getting lionels...
  5. Cabbige you will have heaps of photos of the red hill\
  6. That was me Whoa and thanks for the smokes, that was a great time in our lives , oh by the way i now ride vintage motor x i have a 125n , 250n , 400n.
  7. My Name is Whoa for those who rode there youll know me ,. that was clutch , waza, oz,mouse , daza , clint, tom ( thats the one doing the let go ) , doofy, patrick,Marty,Snappa,