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  1. Wow Rado He has done a top job on them parts,think i'll get the spray tins out lol have a F&F to spray doing a Neil Ruffell repo build,but before that i have my haro sport to build that i just got today
  2. Hey Adam yet did everything correct and kept the steamer going in the water to keep the water hot
  3. ive been dying to sets of skways one red and one orange,the red was og white but ur able to peel the dye on the rim of it and its patchy,what can i do with that problem as it seems as if there is like a paint or something on it. The ones am trying to dye orange were og yellow but there is all patchy bits over both wheels what can be the cause of this,just there was nothing on the wheels to not let the dye take too it how can i get the whole of the wheels dyed properly? cheers graham
  4. When you use the hand drill to polish with is it easy using it with one hand and does it not go to quick etc,just looking all good tips as my polishing is ok but could be better,and when you sand stuff then polish it you still see the fine lines of the sanding process,so how do you get rid of them and to the mirror finish. cheers graham
  5. Cheers refoundary;) i must get on the bay and order up more of ittell me this how would you polish up chrome,on my hutch its like the is blemishes as if someone rubbed it with wirewool and sort of dulled it but you can see the marks like what wirewool leaves.
  6. Hmmm never knew you could keep re-using the CA i always poured mine out after every bath,great to read threads like this as you always learn things,do you get better results if you use boiling water to start with or water straight from the hose?,ive had ok results but never nothing what i was hopinng for like sparkling chrome frames and parts etc and they were in 24hours,and was the same when i used OA but would rather use the CA as its is has no fumes from it etc Cheers Graham
  7. Can we have more tutorials up Glen,have you been using the dye on any other parts,what grades of wet and dry do you use ,then do you start buffing on the machine?
  9. Right guys here we go,i bought a super maxy 3 piece of a mate,it turms out its french threaded but i have forced english threaded spindles into them,i have tried to grip the spanner in the vice to try to remove them...no good...and tried clamping the crank arm between pieces of wood in the vice..no good either...can i use a heat gun to heat the crank arms will that help in removing the pedals/spindles from the arms?
  10. This thread is insane the work you do tack is flawless and fooking awsome and credit to you other guys in polishing and showing your parts,you should do a thread on full resto jobs and take pics of all the tools etc that is used,i have loads of dremel tools that i dont even know what there for lol i love polishing parts just wish they like the parts thats on this thread but maybe someday i will get there,how much time do you spend on the prep work,i have tried all the prep work and too me it didnt look much different than the other part that i never preped. There seems to be alot of your photos missing from page 12 onwards Cheers Graham
  11. I meant to say RIT DYE and not DYLON, dylon is too weak,keep us informed on how the dyeing is going get pics up before & after ,did ya get something wide enough for the rims to go into,how are you planning too keep the warm really warm but not boiling?....GOODLUCK Graham
  12. Just finished the Hutch this morning and thought id build a green machine which is going to get all of abuse just need ammaco decals for it now must give del boy a shout. The Mushrooms on the hutch are original ODI's no repop it says on the grips to cut here etc
  13. When your dyeing them you need a big enough container to soak them in,you will need to bottles of 500-750 grams of salt and if you got a steamer put the hose in in the container you got the rims in as you need to keep the water hot not boiling though...and you will need to use DYLON dye it works best other dye is useless for this job,you will need to get the dye of fleabay,or if there is shops over in oz that sell it,i dyed a set of blue ones black turned out excellent let me know how ya get on put a pic up of the wheels now to i see how bad they are. Regards Graham
  14. yeah buddy you sure can i'll get ya a link of the museum about z rims or are you on bmxmuseum?
  15. Cheers guys will try the hairdryer thing first