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  1. Fuck I didn't start this shit. Sorry for having a bloody opinion.
  2. Ya on the money there, the niche market is getting smaller and smaller, in OZ, as for the cars, bmx, vmx, side of things, because of the mentality of some fanatics if you have a none Genuine anything, they will tell ya, nice, then rag ya out behind ya back, I'm a, you own it, you drive it car guy, with real reg, but then ya damned if you ya do and damned if ya don't, if ya have a old school car thats worth something, the maintenance bill gets costly, dosent bother me I'm a mechanic, but even the price of part's are the killer. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the one saying shit worth nothing, just what,s getting around, i know a big player in dandenong who shipped a few Genuine GT'S, a few years ago, and then shipped back 6 convertible mustangs, 4 boss's, about 8 or 9 awesome hot rods, the bloody GT'S are worth more over seas than here, FUCK LIFE'S GRAND.
  3. This over priced wave is coming to a end, is it a good thing, who knows, but there's one thing that's is guaranteed, know one can stop it.
  4. I wouldn't go that far, most people like really really shiny thing's, that's what makes shit worth 7,8,9 + k, A mate of mine in the US has a shed with around 4 to 5000 old school bmx bikes, and big brand name bike, as he told me that they won't be worth shit soon, he asked me and my brother in law to get our asses to the states asap, and buy a fucking shit load of bikes from him, say know more.
  5. Won't be long before all the old school frames are going to be copied, looking good for all those people who can't afford to drop 7k, they can build a bike for around 2k if that, the word Genuine just went to - $5000 bugga.
  6. Nar ya all missing the big picture, when ya buy bike's for these price's one of two things will happen, it make's you ride like Sam Willoughby, or people will just call you a dick head. At least cash converters will hand over $50. What a waste of cash, this post should be in the eBay crack head's Hall of fame, got my vote.
  7. Aren't the bik, ar boke, the push thing a ma bob's, nice
  8. What no paint, good Lord.
  9. Supercars, remember when racing was all about race Sunday buy Monday, ya know how much a supercar 9 inch is worth, give me a Dana 60 or 90 any day, 9 inch,s are like ass holes, everyone got one. Just like my opinion, and ya know what opinion's are like, ass holes
  10. He was innocent damn it, the gloves didn't fit.
  11. Mate what can ya say about this thing, its PURE EVIL, and ya don't see this to often, a actual vehicle that came out with a HEMI in it ( WTF ) I have always wonder what motor,s the Ford and Chev funny car run, any idea,
  12. These beast's were fit for a king, and just when you think they carnt get any better, NRE have built the best car on the planet, MAXIMUS, and to top it of, the bad ass HEMI is still the fastest piston engine ever made over the quarter. I just want one.
  13. Marshall at it again