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  1. Got all the parts, just need to work out how to ball burnish finish the frame....
  2. $10g couldnt buy it, another on this forum knows how much it would take lol Seriously though i cant/wont sell it, as a kid i remeber reading bmx plus and seeing this bike, now i own the only one made, pinch myself every time i think about it........
  3. Still here safe and sound :-)
  4. Thats a hot build right there....
  5. Hi All, well the spins arrived today, ordered the new stickers and already have brand new allen key bolts for them. I have done some research on the aluminium finish im after, im going with a raw finish with matt clear 2 pack over the frame and stickers. I have always loved the raw genuine finish on GT aluminium bikes.
  6. Here is where I will keep posting... http://www.ozbmx.com.au/index.php?showtopic=54850#entry600491
  7. Yeh I wish, ive heard that one went for sale for 5k, id probably pay that.......
  8. Hell yeh, I have almost every part as it was in on eof the original magazines, spins gt Stem etc etc, I am going to use the original brakes and even sand blast the original chain back to new "non rider of course" Same factory spec bars, the only thing I might use different is the seat, i like the late 90's material speed series seats to much. I spent a bucket load of hours removing the stickers in one piece, im havign them reproduced, here is a pic of one of the stickers removed and glued to a scrap book, this will be the best build ive done yet, and ive done plenty
  9. Here it is when I unpacked it on my office desk,,,, the only one in the world and I managed to grab it of an ex GT designer from BITD
  10. Wow, its really wierd looking at that GT Sus bike in that magazine picture, then turning my head and seeing that very frame in my spare room
  11. Michael, send us an email with the details, i'll help you out..... Col
  12. I have a set not in use if y want to buy them...
  13. I'd love to get into BMX manufacturer, but a famous person "read matt hoffman" once said, if anyone figures out how to make money in BMX, please let him know.
  14. Josh, any cracking at the you know where spot?
  15. he cant help himself!