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  1. basically just wanting to know how hard it would be to fit a threadless stem to a threaded fork setup.. Using the conventional headstem and gyro setup or should i be buying something different to help the conversion to threadless stem? As i have none of above yet..
  2. No where yet mate. Frames at coaters Will buy some bits and pieces soon and see what i can wreck from there . Will update when i have some more news.
  3. Hey guys. Have had a bit of a look around on the Internet etc. But struggled to get a conclusive answer. So. I have a mid 90s haro sport f&f setup. I need to find a head set for it. BUT im going to use a new Haro lineage threadless clamp on stem. IknowI'll need to find an adapter to make that possible. Along with that i still want to run the gyro and still route front brake cable down fork tube also. Hope that makes sense Any suggestions.. Cheers guys
  4. pm sent...
  5. Here we go again... Another sweet build coming right up
  6. 'Lady' by Kenny Rogers Did any one click the links below the #1 song on the day you were born.... Want to know what song you were conceived to? My answer:- 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' by Queen
  7. My thoughts exactly.
  8. Impulse buy the other night after a few drinks.... Came with pretty well new Bash guard.. Now to choose colour combo...
  9. Damn... Glws mate. Wish i had the spare $$
  10. Well the build is complete.. Pretty happy with the final result.. Have thrown in in the BOTM for April to represent the great Aussie BMX brand Thanks to all the guys i bought stuff from for the build.. Learnt alot along the way also..
  11. Omg. What a lineup already. How can one vote for just one of the above already .........
  12. 84 Team Hotfoot Frame: 1984 Team Hotfoot (Re-Chromed) Fork: Tange TRX Head Set: Tioga Stem: SR Aerox-M Bars: Grips: AME Tri Re-Pro Brake Lever: NOS Diam Compe Tech-4 Dated 1984 Brakes: NOS Dia Compe 901MX 1984 with Wienmann Adjusters Brake Pads: NOS Diam Compe 1984 BB: Repro YST Sealed Cranks: Dura-Ace (Anno’d by Benny) Pedals: Repro MKS Sprocket: Shimano 42T Chain: Repro Izumi Chrome Freewheel: Chrome Suntour 16t Seat: OG Viscount MX Seatpost: NOS SR Laprade Seatpost Clamp: Polished SR Rims: UKAI (Shiney Sided / Re- Anno’d) Spokes: S/Steel Hubs: NOS Suzue Hi-Flanged Tires: Comp III’s Fat / Skinny Padset OG Hotfoot Pads
  13. Looking good mate. And Filmote will be here in 5 4 3 2 1......
  14. Lol. That might work. There would be a few entries.