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  1. Bottle of red after relationship counselling..........fuck that didnt go how the Mrs planned.She said I had a drinking problem so I asked her to grab a six pack on the way out....I'll drink em no problem I said !!! Hahahaha She's at her mum's, time to walk round in the Y fronts
  2. Great to see the best thread/ most popular is for piss heads ! No wonder I put my seat guts on backwards.....Bigheads again and cheers to all !
  3. Red , that,s the bomb ......fkn cool as ....BTW is it ok if Sundays become Mondays ?
  4. Bigheads again and nice fkn SLR ,I don,t care what you do with goats ! That car deserves a full view.
  5. Good to see the banter.....just spent 8 hours gardening ! Drank some "bigheads" coz there low carb....hahahaha....keeps the miss's happy and now moved onto a full bodied red !
  6. People are not after specific items !!!! .. You may have 1-5 builds on the go and you will buy stuff when it catches your eye ( shit , I got a garage full of it )..... why do you think shopping TV works so well and companies pay big dollars to sell everything from model cars to cheap jewellry ? people don't want or need that crap they buy it because they can and it's called " Marketing" Hey Kudos to Mick , he has tried to race an 80,s Mongoose in a 2016 race day ....polish it up and oil the chain but it don't cut it over the "whoop de doos".....I still find this site best for the purist and I see some of the "usual suspects" posting absolute shit on FB instead of here ( thank god , I got sick of seeing that thing with the tongue hanging out and saying WTF now)People who ask "what's this" or "what's it worth " have no fucking idea and never rode BITD because if they did they would know! I still look at the classifieds and find it difficult and time consuming to see stuff . I would not buy gear off FB and would also advertise here first .Mick seems like a true BMX,r and I wish him well but sometimes we don't always get it right ! All Hail OZBMX and good luck Mick
  7. You won't be dissapointed with this guys DX,s ....bought them and very high quality ...sorry for jumping on your thread Michael but mine were " Supremo " great price too !
  8. All the good bits there, very nice build - top shelf
  9. Now that is true "Old School Bmx" that's the bike all of us as kids would drool over in the local bike shop! Awesome job
  10. That opening is without a doubt the most shit I've ever read on this site ! Sorry dude , go put your local bottlo attendant on a downer instead of crashing this party !
  11. We need to drug test too !.... Oops ,sorry were trying to boost members not ban em
  12. Which I imagine was the plan in the first place ! Well played Holeshot
  13. Now that's going to be a resto ! I gotta feeling this is going to be your favourite Rado. Good luck with build and look forward to some updates.
  14. Thanks Tack , much appreciated !
  15. OMG .....youv'e certainly got some skill behind the lens ....seems from all comments you captured the feel of the day.Great job.