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  1. Some of you may enjoy these decks of mine. I collect Black dip Powell decks & a wide variety of Santa Cruz models from 1986-1992 Powell Peralta often gave the team riders Experimental decks to try out before releasing a production model to the public. I managed to pick up Tommy Guerrero's Experimental deck a while back. I took a pic with my Dagger that was the production model developed from the Experimental. Here is a pic of TG with the deck. Russ.
  2. Thought this thread deserved a kick start. Russ...
  3. Nice one. I also has the Skatin life mags BITD. Great score. Russ...
  4. Here are a few pics of one. 2008 Powell Classic Almost identical to the Powell Peralta re-issue Obviously they were issued by George Powell after Stacey let the company for a while
  5. That's a great pic of the Valleley's I am after a Powell Classic (pre powell peralta reunite) version of that deck Russ.
  6. A few rushed pics showing most of my decks
  7. Fantastic news Danny. Keep us updated throughout the week on how it all goes. How was the weather for racing? Russ
  8. Actually I am pretty sure that no commodore has an engine that Chev or Buick make. Some of the parts for the engine parts may be sourced from the USA however every engine has parts & software specifically designed in house for the Australian variant which no longer classes it as a Chev or Buick available engine. In fact some Aussie engines will not mate up or work on USA equivalent cars unless they have these parts/software replaced with USA parts. I was told this many years ago when I lived next door to a Holden Engine plant Engineer. Russ...
  9. It's already changed in Vic. 5 years ago when Victoria, NSW & QLD ran the first retro racing series followed by SA & WA (from memory)in each state we all ran the pre 86 rules. NSW & some other states have decided to stick with the pre 86 rule because they had great entries & believe its honestly the right way to go. Victoria wanted to increase numbers at our events & also make scrutenering easier for non old school officials so we went to the 1 inch headset rule. (Frame & parts need to come from a 1 inch headset bike). It seems to have got a few more bikes out in Victoria. Having been involved in discussions regarding the rules with many other people from day 1 I am happy to share them if asked. A lot of assumption seem to be made about how the rules are applied. Just ask one of the many people involved from day 1 if any clarity is needed. Remember that the Aussies is a pre 86 event as that's the current rules (at least for this Aussies). It's not run on the 1 inch rule that allows later frames & parts. Well done to all involved in racing old school. Lets push for more clarity in th future but we have a start which is fantastic for everyone involved. Race hard guys. Russ...
  10. Great pics Hup. Love the Toby Henderson Jersey. Russ...
  11. 4% As above. Thank F*CK
  12. Special non loop tail Hutch. 1 of a kind.
  13. It still concerns me that somehow the plan may be in 1 piece for use at another time. Probably little chance of it being in one piece but for all the right reasons I hope it has gone down & can't be used for other misguided purposes.
  14. Lets just hope the plane is not in the hands of some people who may choose to fill the plane with some nasty chemical/dirty bomb & take it to the air again.
  15. Cheers Graham. Appreciate all your help & clarifications given. Talk soon. Russ.