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  1. Love it. Can`t believe your letting it go .
  2. Rest in Peace Ben , gone way too early. I`m still in disbelief and shock, You will be greatly missed . Muz.
  3. Did you go up the waterfall on the island ? pretty sure it`s where your parked. The pond is full of jungle perch.
  4. A mate of mine had these 2 bikes stolen out of his back shed up the sunshine coast a few nights ago his kids need them for the nationals in a couple of weeks. Keep your eyes out please peeps Any info please let me know. 0414326137
  5. thats all fooked up. dishonest kunts around.
  6. thats a nice little pick up there Scotty.
  7. the both of them look awesome.
  8. pear shape
  9. it`s pretty full on. fb is where it`s all at in regards to the above mentioned.
  10. Looking the goods. they ride nice .
  11. thanks for the update. appreciated.
  12. hot beer , and where the fook is Spotty ?
  13. id give those 8.2`s a good crack Chris , they look the goods. 6 pack= job done. run dmc still bust it for me. recently found 2 x 45 lps up the parents. happy days.