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  1. I always thought the report button was for abuses or stuff like that, i'll hit the button once stuff is sold from now on.
  2. WOW many things can be done with this! Where i'm from i have not seen hardware stores selling these, are they very expensive? Most of the tools found here are from black and decker and they suck.
  3. Benny you ordered them from Belgium?
  4. h@@ters deserves more than three cheers Thank you guys, i saw something like an araya rim and i took a shot and posted it, dont even think it will sell and Buzza dibbed it very fast. Credit should go to buzzz,he's very helpful with dibbing for friends. I will have to give him a list of what i need too. Thanks again guys. I enjoy being at Oz and you guys are all very friendly, so most of my good stuff are sold here much cheaper. Long week ahead and i dont have much time to get more parts:( Can i post a pic of a frame here i'm trying to build? Worried it will be removed.
  5. What if its on a Haro? Will it look silly?
  6. Hi guys How does a peregrine handlebar looks like? I heard its got three cross bars and look liknda like a forklifter. is that true/ Has anyone got pics of it please? Just would like to tka e look Thasnk Nau
  7. Hey guys I got added by some members and do i have to add them back to make it work? I tried adding others and got totally lost, how does it work? When you've added someone does it mean he or she will automatically know when you're online or offline? Thanks in advance for the help:) Hooster
  8. Wait till you try the viscount aero or the mx, the vinyl is of very high quality and is very kind to your butt even after long hours of riding...seating on it too Both tested.
  9. Thanks Brickos1. I've a problem now, i called the old man and said i need to remove the paint and have a look at the serial number, he got mad at me saying that i'm suspecting the bike is stolen..... Geesh how can i talk him to letting remove a portion of the paint under the bb now?? LOL i'm going to ebay that basket once i get to own that bike
  10. I really hope it is a kuwie mate. Its rather light even with the steel basket lol We do have hothearts here, apollos and rhinos arent that common. If its a hotheart should i still call him? WOW!! Do you still have that kuwie with you mate?? Sweet! Ooops just realized i posted at the wrong forum. Sorry guys.
  11. I couldnt tell the serial number, paint is too thick. I didnt see any "K" at all. The old man ( the owner) told me his back wheel has been stolen and replaced. No idea why the tange headlock? Perhaps suntours dont really lock? Its true really, the lock from the side dont really work for suntours' . Tange's are much better. Trying to buy it over first mate She's not mine yet.
  12. Thanks Marty, i hope it is a laser lite. It doesnt belong to me, an old man was riding it and i stopped him. I got his number tho;) I checked under the BB, paint was thick and i can only see a few serial numbers. Original finish seems to be chrome and someone painted matte black all over. Couldnt find any "K" stamping on the fork dropouts or the rear.
  13. Saw this bike, no idea what it is.Tange hot heart? Laser lite? No image? <a href="http://s869.photobucket.com/albums/ab256/ahhoo/?action=view&current=Picture474.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i869.photobucket.com/albums/ab256/ahhoo/Picture474.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>