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  1. Why don't you send back the bike like I asked? Why don't you tell the full story so everyone understands? You never payed the full price and never offered to refund the PP costs. I have brought and sold on this site for well longer than you have and have never had 1 issue. Everyone that knows me will tell you I am not a liar or a cheat or a scammer so stop playing your childish cry baby games. Out of pocket my A@rse
  2. Slowly getting there. This has ended up looking pretty slick for a mini. Fitted up the tuff neck ACE stem , JMC mini bars, shimano tourneys and gen 1 xc2's Pedals.
  3. Very nice I love it.
  4. Great color combo for that bike. That's one of the nicest kz1's I've seen. Great job mate!
  5. That's a top build flucka. OG candy looks Sensational
  6. Dude you have nailed that!!! Unbelievable effort and by looking at the results it was all very much worth it. Congrats!
  7. Way off Bill. Never sold in KMART. They are by no means a cheap bike in any terms. Factory fitted with some nice pieces and popular on the track.. Frames were bullet proof high tensile steel built in Melb Aust Malvern. Thus the name Malvern star. Handled unreal although heavy if compared to one of your rippers.They were sold anywhere between $250-300 BITD
  8. That is a masterpiece. Looking the goods champ
  9. Absolutely. Bang for buck they were a awesome street/track bike. $250 would roll you out of a shop with one back in the very early 80's. I remember the day I purchased mine as If it were yesterday. It Still brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. Those were the days!
  10. There is something very special about a early loopy with one piece cranks. That looks dynamite and with the addition of GT pro bars it will be one awesome rider. Looks too nice to use!!! Well done!
  11. Nag post on eBay? Not me champ. I'll get some better pics up when she is all chained and complete
  12. Good things come to those who wait they say. And i Have been waiting for a set if these factory release swallow tires for the better part of 2 years! They are in beautiful condition with no cracks or dry spots which makes me glad I knocked back a few sets Along the way in hope to find better ones like these. All I need to do now is pump them up!!
  13. Great rider Paul! Kuwahara's flagship of the early eighties ... Congrats mate!
  14. Congrats homeboy. Killer bike that deserved the win!
  15. chop2rok, will you be fitting the chaingaurd which was standard issue to this model and others?