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  1. dibs suntour headlock
  2. Hey guys, thanks all for the great support i got here on oz selling my pride and joy. BIKE HAS BEEN SOLD ..................................................................mods pls lock this topic
  3. Hi guys, i haven't been as active in the BMX scene lately, and still have this bike to sell as a complete listed on EBAY, please check it out Let me know if I'm dreaming or not Feel free to comment in this topic or a Pm is fine too for any questions or queries etc.... Cheers all, Mark
  4. dibs acs seat clamp
  5. dibs 1 x blue l,g set pls,,,,, Mark
  6. dibs seat and grip combo as agreed in pm.
  7. Hey Jim, any chance you have a BLUE ONE, I'm on the hunt for a survivor suntour headlock in BLUE
  8. Wow, great survivor find there, no wonder your wrap., A piece of Aussie history there,,, i hope those memories flood back, cheers.
  9. wow a true aussie survivor, that is a great find, good one
  10. Wow,Christian, I'm feeling a bit paranoid , should i be?
  11. Wow. That's cool. That must bring back so many memories for you.
  12. Hi Jim, you might have seen this, anyway worth the read again, may help with your query:
  13. Nice one Jim, cool line up mate, just like at the starting gates in 1982 \ anyway, guys,,,heres my fav survivor :