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  1. Be patient mate his father just passed away
  2. Thanks mate, I'm still lurking around
  3. Just stumbled on this build post I put up a couple of years ago, so chuffed to go through such great comments, good times indeed
  4. Thanks Red 😎
  5. A BIG Thanks goes out to Jerome for putting together this awesome video He has really captured what was a special day and has done it all for us guys to enjoy I'm having trouble posting the link for some reason so just TYPE IN BMXPO 2015 on Youtube Cheers
  6. WHAT! You can ride them...
  7. Stellar job Pete, so thankful for you being there capturing the day You are bloody legend mate
  8. Well looks like Mickey pretty much covered it all with that well written post (his wife must of proof read it for him ) It definetely was a great day, i was sceptical about it all coming together, especially being at a new location. But i think it couldn't have gone much better really, we had massive amounts BMX awesomeness wherever you looked, Great live music and of course the amazing Ian Moss, the girls weren't half bad and sausages were a hit. Micheal (the lookback king) did an amazing job organizing all the sponsors and prizes along with correspondence with the charities and council too. He really stepped it up where it was needed. Another big effort was put in by Mickey's nephew Zac, what a legend, slaving over two barbeques for hours How many people can say they've cooked over 400 sausages in one day....Top Stuff mate. Also special thanks goes out to the guys and girls who helped run the shop, we were flat out most of the day selling sausages, drinks, chips, t-shirts, raffle tickets etc and we couldn't have done it without you. A big congratulations goes to all the catergory winners and yes the "KING of BMXPO" Lucien.... 21 bikes on the day.... your nuts and also thanks to all the others who made the effort to bring bikes and set up their displays for all to see. Afterall they are Show Bikes, you know....Bikes for showing to anyone who appreciates them. Ride em, hide em, thrash em, stash em....who cares,... just participate,..that's what it's all about. Okay nuff said, time to wrap this up with a thanks to my partner in crime Mickey I'm proud of us mate we did it again, maybe it's our last show...who knows.....time will tell i guess But i'm glad we've created our friendship from this hobbie of ours, i've enjoyed the ride (pun intended) I know how much you do for the Sydney scene and you should be very proud of your efforts. Catch ya soon Cheers Bud
  9. Hey Mort, We don't get a lot of genuine survivors at the show We do have a couple of spare trophies so if we do get a few turn up, we might award one on the day
  10. Best vintage is pre 80's Best Race, best freestyle and best cruiser are all old school There are none this year for best display , sorry Pete
  11. Amended Categories King of BMXPO Best Vintage Best Race Best freestyle Best mid school Best new school Best cruiser Best non bmx 2 x Mystery awards
  12. We will try and have a unloading spot designated on First ave, unfortunately there is no car park so street parking will have to do
  13. A big thanks to Alex our resident photographer, three years in a row he has taken on the role and has done an amazing job, also thanks to Baz for posting it up here
  14. Hey guys, Just a reminder that anyone who is planning to bring their bikes to show on the day, please remember you will need to bring your own stands. I hope everyone is getting their prize builds ready because you won't get a better stage to show them off. Thanks
  15. That would be awesome mate