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  1. I agree with benchwarmer but if I had to change I'd go with peregrine q 1.5's done in the same colour as the frame maybe with white peregrine decals, so it kind of has that ladder bar feel to it but not like ladder bars if you know what I mean!
  2. sorry mate, those pics were from the 1990 catalogue, the decals you have I'm guessing are for the next model, which unfortunately I don't have any pics of ! looking on the museum thou, some people seem to place them at the back so that you can still see some of the decal with the pads pushed to the front of top tube.
  3. hope these help!
  4. lovin this! just a thought thou,had you considered running the cable inside the down tube over or under your spindle and down the chain stay? it wouldn't interfere with your seat post that way!
  5. looks like an 84 frame and forks.
  6. If it's the frame with the hole in the front gussets 83/84 they should have sugino 175's with a sugino spider and 44t alloy chain ring. If it's the frame without a front gusset 84/85 they should have sugino 165's With a power disc and alloy chain ring. Thats going by the catalogues, hopefully that helps!
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. do we know for sure if tomorrow going ahead or not?
  9. WOW! can we vote yet?
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hahaha! one of his first ebay ads!
  11. Dear Facebook, I was just wondering when your St.Kilda swapmeet is going to be held? as I have been to the ones held on the first of the month and quite enjoy them! Looking forward to hearing from you, Kind regards, Ky.
  12. should be the 5th February, they are on the first Sunday of every month.
  13. I haven't done or seen it done myself but I'd imagine that all you'll need is and adapter that has a freestyle bolt in it like this one this pic is off one on ebay, so they should be available. also you should still be able to run with your old headset and gyro set up! hope this helps!
  14. but have you tried to recreate that memory by riding around town with your eldest on the back again! haha!