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  1. WOW, you almost NEVER see a Crisp for sale!! GLWS Matt...
  2. Any ELF fans? How about these GT cranks? And then theres Gumtree....
  3. I have a set of these on my ELF Traction Plate, sweet forks! GLWS mate
  4. Its been a long time coming Matt.... cannot wait to ride it
  5. Yeah man gonna ride the Auburn, this wont be ready to ride.....
  6. Time for a thread revival. This has been the most painful build to date, I bought most of the parts for this back in May and received them last month.... seat post is still en route and the Pauls brakes are incomplete, but I've waited this long so a few more days wont hurt. It will be all worth it once its all here. Parts on this include Aluminium Blast Bars, JP Stem, Chris King Headset, T-1000 rims with Nuke Proof Hubs and JP tensioners, Macmahon Forks, FSA Afterburner Cranks with Profile Imperial chainwheel, JP Square pedals, Crupi Titanium Seat and Comp III Tires. Ill throw some ODI grips on it, a chain and chase up a Pauls Lever, and give it a good polish, then its finished. More pics to come......
  7. Sorry John, was going to weigh mine but life got in the way.... just one of those things mate! Thanks for the add share though, had never seen these advertised before.
  8. Thats going to look sweet Hammo!
  9. So I take it your a Ford driver? I agree.
  10. How have I missed this thread..... my kind of thread!! Nice bikes peeps! Here is my 07' Triumph Daytona 675, track day at Barbagallo and my Daytona and Marin DH. And the plan is to do some of my Airbrushing on this before the Perth Bike show this year.... here is a taste of what im planning.....
  11. I love the Skinwall GT Megabites in a fat skinny combo, and would really love a set for my Auburn. Also like the Primo V-Trak Skinwall and Comp 3's in Skinwall, in as a Fat/Skinny Combo.
  12. Thanks for the comments guys, im pretty stoked with how this is turning out. Hoping to have this completed soon, hopefully Easter. Where abouts on Museum Frazza?
  13. Sweet mate no worries. Im the same, want Pro bars. Sounds like we have the same ideas... I like!!