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  1. Holy crap.. Thats super cool, I'll take it~!
  2. Hey all - another one I finished a few months back built up with some parts I had spares of but had just not got around to sticking it up. This frame set has done the rounds on here through a few members I think, I got this frame set from a mate "bmxbilly" as I have been wanting to put together a decent Kuwi collection and was needing to find a KYZ... It had just been recently painted in the ET colours so I didnt have the heart to strip the paint back as yet but may possibly be something that I'll look at in the near future as am really about keeping it what it is and should be but for now here it is... Enjoy.. Cheers Dazza.
  3. Hey guys - finished this 83 REDLINE MX-II a few months back now and not realy had a great deal of time to get some good shots of it up and really wasnt the nicest day when these were taken but good enough for a look in. I think it's looking a lot better than it did when I get it although it doesnt have all the high end parts fitted lets see what you guys think.. I do love these Red NOS Speedline's tho, they are my pride and joy.. Cheers Dazza.
  4. Awesome looking DB love the white with black colour scheme - great job on a great bike, well done~!
  5. All good Bill - your HUTCH is hot & still May BOTM I think, my vote is down for it again anyways!
  6. As I told ya the other night mate - just send them over for my Nova build that's all I'm missing in red so I'd be happy to take them off your hands..besides that garage of yours has to saying no more sooner or later!!
  7. 2nd dibs..! Awsome find and a nice collection mate, give me a yell when you are ready to ship that ET down under.. I have a nice place for it...
  8. I so wanted that bike when it was on evilbay but only manage to get the DC MX1000 from the seller.. Nice bike Shins cant wait to see it built am sure it will look the goods!
  9. Thanks a heap guys, always nice to get some good feedback. Cheers
  10. Thanks champ - may as well stick with the 1 piece as they were all I could afford BITD so why change up now..
  11. Hey everyone, my Kuwi crew so far.. my KZ-84 & KZ-1 have had some minor changes such as a NOS HARO plate and some yellow outlined NOS Kuwi decals and Nagaoka seat post for the KZ-1 and also just recently finished my KZ-83 & also this poor mans KYZ "ET Replica" which is still needing a couple of changes to make me totally happy with it.. Enjoy! KZ-84 KZ-1 KZ-83 "The Rider" KYZ "The ET Replica" Group photo!
  12. Here's one for you Holden guys which you might find interesting - dont hate me tho I didnt build it am just putting it out there for interest sake as it sure did cause a bit of a stir up and geez did I get some emails telling me all about it - but it is 100% original.. Holden Kingswood Re badged and fitted with a lovely under power rotory engine!!! Pretty cool tho not many around we brought this in a few years back.. And here's is a pic of my R32 I built ,was used as a weekend/track car and sold it late last year..now have use of this R35 company demo car we recently built when I feel the need to get out, sure is a pretty impressive street car out of the box~!
  13. Cheers Rev - yeah I can understand that, it is a pretty good thing even tho it's a little on the heavy side but still no slouch and does suprise a few..
  14. Hey guys - here's my daily, 98 Nissan Stagea Autech Version 260RS "GTR Wagon" It does the job and still has plenty of room for bikes!
  15. Thanks fella's - have since made a few changes to a couple of them for the best I think so I might have to have these pictures updates at some stage soon as a few pic's were crap to say the least, and geez how much better does the Motomag look now!!!