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  1. Glad your mate isn't an a***hole or he wouldn't deserve a free goose! I'm no Mongoose expert, but I would advise you to do your research and make sure you're comfortable with whatever you buy. Good luck man.
  2. No probs. Motomags are crmo front triangle only and nickle plated (or colour finish), the team/supergoose frames are full crmo and chrome plated finish (supergoose) or with blue or red finish (team frame). Plenty of other great info here: My Motomag is available as an F&F only if you prefer (see below):
  3. Hey Mat, it's not a team goose, but I still have this available:
  4. Nice pedals mate and well priced
  5. You've got a pm oldskool quad $60 for the Suntour clamp if anyone's keen.
  6. Cranks and seat sold. Thanks OzGoose! Other bits still up for grabs.
  7. Cheers jasbins. Reasonable offers considered guys.
  8. Stunning mate, pure bling
  9. See my link above mate. He had his chance and acted like an A-grade dickhead.
  10. Another pic of the cranks when installed:
  11. Evening all, got a few things up for grabs. Dibs means you own it and can pay straight away. Prefer DD but can Paypal, pickup available in Hobart. PM for details after dibs. PM any questions if you like. All prices are posted in Oz. 1. Takagi Tourney complete crankset and BB in mint condition, red anno, all bits are there. These were NOS before installed (fresh Phil's grease still on the bearings), were not ridden. Comes with the original box and packaging. $360 2. Suntour gold anno seat clamp, a bit faded on one side but nice. $70 3. Suntour XCII pedals 9/16 for 3 piece cranks, braceless type, look to have been re-finished at some stage (not by me), spin well and threads are great. One screw missing on left pedal. $120 4. Viscount MX seat with OG guts, some typical rash at the back but in good nick overall. $75 Thanks for looking. I'll probably have more for sale soon.
  12. It's Snap who is banned from this site and for good reasons...
  13. Hey man. Nah the ZL had the oval TT. I had one of those for a while too, very nice. This has round tubes. I measure the TT length (centre to centre) at about 19.5 inches.
  14. Thanks for the comments and interest in the parts gents. I'll keep it up as a complete for a bit though. One and only price drop $1,950 posted in Oz.