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  1. $35 and you have a deal
  2. BUMP any trades for flatland gear
  3. very very tempting
  4. damn i had one of those back in the day with green and yellow decals
  5. file:///Users/Williams/Desktop/IMG_0356.JPGfile:///Users/Williams/Desktop/IMG_0357.JPGfile:///Users/Williams/Desktop/IMG_0355.JPG
  6. Hi all selling these gems to fund another build. $230 Sorry all this isn't a mobile friendly site can't post pics
  7. these just happen to be one of my first loves i rolled on them for 15 years( 3 different sets) front straight laced and rear laced with a nankai freecoaster. The bikes they rolled on were Standard Tao, Huffy M80(NASTAZIO) 2Hip Pork, 2 Hip Stout, KHE Easy rider Quamen 7, Ares Ashura Standard Tao OX platinum. Then sold the last set in 2006 when i stopped riding wish i never sold them but i started running alex supra E's as my change over wheels in 1998 with profile hubs and they ended up becoming my build wheel to go on my flatland bikes i collect now. Supra E's look tough Peregrine Super pro 48's are sexy
  8. big W O W. i salute the General. luv it
  9. i wonder if my mongoose DMC will come back to me. All too Rad.
  10. Absolutely love it i'm building a white one ATM with mongoose skyways just for something different my solution was the last mongoose i bought new.
  11. That is sick i wanted to buy that frame but got a WTP Trust instead love my bike but im not sure i made the right decision
  12. My S&M girls on parade 98 S&M Sabbath 99 S&M NG Holmes 98 S&M Warpig Hope you guys like em
  13. Damn that is ace as needs me one of those bathy things a lot of my chromy stuffs is brown. That Supermax is gonna be sick