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  1. Love the astute angles on these. Initially thought the forks where bent, though the second photo of the other bike makes me think that's something deliberate in design (confirmed on BMX museum). That's insane , check the seat-post on the bottom one.
  2. Pretty different to the usual. Picture is poor quality but, what just tops it off, if you see it in real life, is the gold chain and gold mesh brake cables. Still sourcing gold brake calipers and levers for now... Took it for its first ride last night. Pretty smooth ride so far at all speeds. Just adjusting tire pressures to suit my liking had it too hard at 65psi. Other than that, its been a HUGE conversation starter in the suburb. Heaps of other dads stopping for a conversation. Theres even talk of putting pressure on council to finish the local race track now... So yeah... Enjoyed the build and loved the outcome.
  3. Guess what Girls and Boys, its still not complete or properly configured but have a perv... It took alot of fiddling around and I really couldn't get the parts I wanted but this is will do ... Personally I love it. Oh and its also a 46/16 Keep your tips coming...
  4. I think I'm gonna puke....
  5. TV Ads + TV Clips that bring it back.
  6. Someone should setup a 80s/90s TV commercials thread....
  7. Yeah we used to buy those HUGE elastic bands and flick those at them.... (I had a Moose glow in the dark yo yo)
  8. Heres a few I remember: Munch On Muncheros Chips Jolt Cola (more from the 90's), That cola flavored gum I can't remember the name of for $2 a box, Pop rocks, Push Pops (more 90's), 1.5kg Hot Chips for $3, Eucalyptus Drops for 20c a bag, And who can forget all you can eat at Pizza Hut...
  9. Heat it at he frame, then dump it into ice water, apply some force to remove (then repeat heat, cool, try again till it comes out).
  10. Evil Marceline - Adventure Time, 6th episode, series 4.
  11. Awww come onnnn... This thread was going so well till that comment Thats not enjoyment, thats what makes life all that greater.... Respekt!
  12. Love it. Love your choice of crupi stem and colours also.
  13. ++++++++++++++1 hahahahaa
  14. People handling the TV remote or door handles with greasy hands after eating chicken... How seriously drive through Maccas or KFC folk take you even when you have tissues stuck up your nose and ears while speaking in a funny accent... When a 7-Eleven slurpy refuses to melt on a hot day and the syrup separates from the ice... The amount of sugar there is in hot chocolate powder that destroys the flavor... Minecraft... When you sneeze while eating and it gets stuck up your nose. When a mechanic puts a type of oil in the car that doesn't suit the conditions... When your car tires go flat 500 meters from home... Tradies that leave screws on the driveway for your car to conveniently pick them up with the tires... And yeah as above posts with driving on the lawn! It does not matter how may witches hats or poles you hammer into the ground people find a way around them to drive on the soft ground during winter!