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  1. Very tempting
  2. I have more
  3. sold
  4. Sorry! $80 posted anywhere in Australia
  5. Hi All A set of REPOP Mongoose pads never fitted, bought these for one of my bikes but then found a nos set. Sizes are Top tube 4 stud 11.5mm aprox Bar pad 4 stud 9.5 inch aprox Thanks Normal dibs rules.
  6. I have a few NOS Handlebar pads in mint condition never fitted.. Length is 9.5 inch and 4 stud (Stocko) Price is $80 posted anywhere in Australia. Normal dibs rules.
  7. I will call him Thanks mate...
  8. Hi, I'm looking into black smoke chroming a f/f and would like to see if anyone has had a go at it.. What product did you use and how.. We employ a painter at work so it will be done in a proper booth etc. Thanks for any input..
  9. Nice
  10. dibs black pedals pls
  11. un dibs sorry just relised I had some
  12. Darn! I was looking for a rear stamped reflector....
  13. Ok thanks for the info
  14. So I'm finding these Pro class, Cali, Eric Rupe and Expert handlebars a minefield... Can someone pls tell me all the correct sizes for each model Also were they stamped or not and if they were where were the stamps,, I've puzzled most of it out but not all... Thanks
  15. Is there anyone that has had a set of Pro class 3 wheels re hard anodised in Australia? Spoke to Benny but he cant do... Im looking to get two sets done... Thank u