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  1. Hi mate, 

    Is that $200 posted to Brisbane for the DX pedals? If so I'll take them. I was really after the blue ones but They look like they are gone. Let me know and if so I'll dib on main page and money transfer tonight if thats ok with you.


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    2. michael_lidis


      Will be dropping by his house in an hour ,send you picks when I get them. My commonwealth bank account is

      063 165 1039 5357. Don't pay till I confirm with you later tonight.




    3. michael_lidis


      Gave my mate the Black pair and got for you the blue pair. Just dib the black pair asap before anyone else dibs, as blue pair is showing as sold on OZ and I no longer have the black pair .If you transfer funds today I can take to work tomorrow and post during lunch.



    4. michael_lidis


      Bud don't pay for pedals , some one dibed before you,and bought the black pedals. Sorry but I need to give it to him. Hope to have another set in a week or two, can keep you in the loop.If you have paid i will refund you the funds. 



  2. Shimano Dx Pedals

    Time Left: 47 years and 6 months

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Hi Guys Dibs win, no dibs with conditions, Aust buyers only, and price includes postage, Pay Pal is fine. Shimano DX black pedals 1/2 ,recently restored, spin great and new repo caps $200.00.

    200.00 AUD

  3. Shimano DX Pedals

    Time Left: 47 years and 6 months

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Hi Guys Dibs win, no dibs with conditions. Shimano DX pedals, fully restored in mint condition, new repo end caps, finished in metallic blue, in 1/2 size. Price include postage. Australian buyers only. Payment by following day or will re list.

    200.00 AUD

  4. Sugino 170 crank

    Time Left: 47 years and 6 months

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Hi Guys Dibs win, no dibs with conditions. Sold as shown, arms fully polished to mirror finish, 170 in size with Sugino chain wheel bolts. Aust buyers only $100.00 posted,payment by next day or will re list.

    100.00 AUD

  5. Thanks bud, a lot of work goes into them.
  6. Price drop. 1. DX pedals $230.00 posted . 2. Cranks $110.00 posted .
  7. Hi Guys Dibs win, no dibs with conditions, Pay Pal for payment is fine and payment by following day or will re list. Prices include shipping to Australian buyers only. Thanks for looking. 1. Shimano DX 1/2 pedals, fully restored, new repo end seals and end caps, pedals have been finished in silver base coat with candy blue clear coat. Asking $265.00 posted. 2. Sugino 3pce cranks, arms are 170, Sugino chain ring bolts, anno 40 tooth chain ring. Arms have been polished to mirror finish. Asking $130.00 posted. 1. 2.
  8. Same here , stem pad was a lot stiffer than other pads, but works fine. Gives me peace of mind not the only one.
  9. My OG units, first picture frame and bar pad are softer than new NOS stem unit. Studs all the same.
  10. Hi Guys Just received what should be an NOS red Mongoose stem pad, just feels vinyl is different to my OG bar and frame pads i bought back in the early 80's. Does any one know if original NOS or replica ? Any markings i should be looking for ? My frame and bar pads have been used over time and have some fading, this could be the reason for the softer feel. If you can help, greatly appreciated. Cheers Michael
  11. Five star service, dibs one day had the cranks following day ! Look forward to dealing with this seller again. 

  12. Paid , don't need it, but could not resist a good buy.
  13. Just sold some DX pedals to Arokoi .Great bloke to deal with, look forward to further transactions.

    1. arokoi


      Thanks Michael.You too.It's been my pleasure to deal with you.

      Best regards,

  14. All sold.