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  1. Thanks guys - had an amazing day. Xav is still a homo
  2. Had a fantastic day today - nice weather, awesome people, great $10 jug of beer + 2 steaks combo... Couldnt ask for more. And I made sure that I took a couple of photos today as we forgot last week. Cant wait for the next one!
  3. Of course I'm in! Carn Xav.. Riverfire is on this weekend though, and fathers day is on sunday. Would be good to see a few of the guys anyway!
  4. This is Zita, my dog in Norway. She's half boxer, half Alaskan Malamute. She howls whenever she hears the ice cream truck, and she loves chewing on plastic containers. Nawh, she's sleeping!
  5. Congratulations on an amazing race, Craig! It was fantastic to be there and cheer you through the qualifying rounds as well as the final. Bloody excellent work! Also a big thank you to Cressy for the hospitality and to Suparoo for being an awesome guide. The biggest thank you goes to Torker for organising everything and for putting up with us and not leaving us all at the border to South Australia on our way from Melbourne - thanks heaps Dad, you're a legend and you know we all love you. I will post some more photos of our sweet roadtrip after some well deserved sleep, but here's a couple of our favourite champion!
  6. everyone 'of age' in that pic is riding mate!, Maz & Peccles too..we are working on having a poowder puff gate too!! ;) so we had...NoelG, Burto, Andy, EdK, Torks, KCW72, Eccles, Mavrik, Aussie Russ, Mazz (Mrs OzBMX), Peccles, CG, LJCOOP..... ...and a tribe of future racers ;D nice work people's, kids included start em young i say .........but where was the head palooka (read : Xavier) today PS: go buy a floval Torks, the best bike ive ever ridden, no joke He's in Queensland at the moment, but should be back next week. He rang me today so some of the guys got to speak to him. Thanks for a good day people - dont know if I'll be racing next weekend, but I will definitely be there and practice.