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  1. Great gear and more than fair prices.Wish I was more financial.Best of luck.
  2. If that was on the actual Decal,I would contact family in the US and have the seller castrated. Lol. Will order some from Haro and do a comparison.
  3. Decals have arived, But are they the real deal???These Asian numbers etc are on the clear protective cover.Not on the decal its self.Did Haro have these made in Asia??
  4. Received today.Thanks allsportdvd.
  5. Thanks,that would be great.I think bob ran an 1 & 1/2 inch?
  6. Thanks Raven 2.I hope the bars are the correct ones.Have some pedals on the way.Not Nos,but in very good condition.I have skyway 50th aniversary wheels comming, and once here im hoping to somehow fit a suntour coaster brake to it,Or make it look like it has one?.Will machine up a stem flex fighter as the new Haro ones do not appear the same.
  7. Have asked Mick to remove any photos in posts and messages for me.Again I am Sorry.
  8. These parts on the way.
  9. Well done on still having your first bmx.Keep the repaired bars on it.Thats part of your family history.Makes it even more special if you pass it down the line in the future.
  10. Thanks guys.I will try and hunt down a 22.6 post and see how it goes.cheers.
  11. Ok. Now that the frame is all cleaned,the exact measurements are as follows.OD of seat post frame tube is 24.42 to 24.44 side to side and 24.41 to 24.43 front ro back.which if had been expanded by a seat post, I would have thought that the belling would have been in the front to back direction?The ID of the tube seems fairly even measuring 22.7 to 22.8 in all directions from top to bottom.Hope this may shed some light on wether the tube has been damaged or not?