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  1. All done here. Lock it up. Cheers
  2. Thanks John, catch you tomorrow
  3. Found this last weekend. I think it may be a late 80's Repco Freestyler? Somebody may be able to breathe some new life into it or for use for parts. Has damage as per pic. Pickup Newport, Victoria. Cheers.
  4. Hey @agent smith thanks for the info. I had a search on Google for the Malvern Star Maxi's which led me to this Repco Freestyle which looks very similar. Although the Repco forks seem to have a thread for pegs. The pedals are 'HSING TA, HTI-A12'
  5. Hi all. Found this behind a shed all covered in grass. I have no idea of what it is. Can't find any serial number on it other than the number 8 on the bottom bracket. Looks like it may have been painted over at some stage. Forks have AKISU on them. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  6. Hey guys thanks for your replies. Does look very similar to the Crossrider MX1 thanks @john . It gives us a good direction to go in. I love the head badge too... Hey @Noblies any chance you could send me a pic of the sticker on yours? Do you think it's the original sticker for it?
  7. Hey mate. To me they look like Pazzaz bars. The top piece with the grips it's the exact same shape as the bars on my kickback
  8. My brother picked up this a couple weeks back. From first look I thought it was a Yamaha Moto-Bike. We had a look at some of the ones on the museum but still noticed a few little differences. The badge says Sweshin Bicycle but can't find anything out there with that name. I'm guessing it may just be a knock-off but if there's anyone out there that has any info on this it'd be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  9. Hi everybody! I am a newbie from Melbourne and after many years of nagging my sister she finally sold me her old Torker Kickback! Now that I finally have it I'm divided on what to do with it. I was originally thinking of doing a ground up, fresh out the box restoration but after seeing a few custom killer Kickback/ Vagabonds on here I'm torn. It really comes down to how much of my kickback is original so I have added some photos and was hoping that you guys could help share some information about the Torker kickback and what parts they had fitted fresh out the factory. Just by having a look over it the parts on it are: Rims - Rhyno Sun Rims Rear Brake - Dis compe ad990 Front Brake - ? Handle Bars - PZ company Crank Plate - ? Brake Levers - Tektro Pedals - VP550 Crank - ? Seat Post - ? Pegs - ? Grips? The seat is a generic gel seat and the tyres are GT Any information you guys have will be much appreciated! Cheers