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  1. 1982 Phase 111 Taipan, chrome plated by Pacific Platers (awesome job!!!), Win Bars, MX1000 calipers, Chang Star MX levers, OGK Pentagon grips, Suntour Stem, Tange TX500 forks, Shimano 600 Cranks, MKS pedals, Araya 7X rims Sunshine hubs, Suntour Seat Clamp, Hisani MX seat, repop snake bellies
  2. thanks Jeff
  3. thanks for the comments guys
  4. thanks mate
  5. Hi All, first build for 2017, 1980 Taipan powder by Roberto, reanodised by Benny VX cranks and chainring, kkt lightning, Suntour Power stem, Suntour Clamp, MX1000 calipers. NOS Ukai box rims laced to NOS Suntour low flange hubs, NOS Win bars, Nos Dia compe pre bemt levers, NOS OGK grips, OG TX500 forks with new decals, Faun 80s MX seat, NEW snake belly tyres, New Dia Compe cables, New chain ENJOY!!!
  6. here is my 1980 MXDR you can see the rear drop outs and tabs are the same as yours
  7. mate I have come across a few mado's with serials on the bottom bracket and not on the gusset it looks to have the correct parts for that model... who knows why or how it was the 80's i think they just slapped together what ever they had to get them out the door
  8. this is how it looked when I bought it
  9. the forks where on it when I bought it from "OLDS COOL" pretty certain they are SCHWINN forks but no stamping on them
  10. thanks mate, turned out pretty cool for a cheap build
  11. Bit of a holiday project, bare metal strip, primer then base coat for candy blue..... liked the silver base coat that much I left it as silver!!!!...candy blue pedals, seat post and stem cap....
  12. yes mate it was Scratchy Dogs and Scottlox before him
  13. can't take credit for this... was told about it by another OZBMX member who was the previous owner of the frame... pretty cool though
  14. Thanks all, I have read somewhere that Cycles Australia (madison) had the Licence from Peugeot to produce bikes and sell as Peugeot's in Australia..... Peugeot images BMX Downunder page 29 and rear cover
  15. VM serial loop tail Peugeot Taipan build