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  1. It was free no one wanted to buy it so just wanted to get rid of it
  2. @Reeky can you please post your email here so I can contact you? I can't see what you wrote on my wall, I tried on yours too but I couldn't see that either.
  3. @Reeky can you please leave your email so I can contact you
  4. Dibs
  5. Yes please send me your email address please can't pm through here
  6. Would anyone have red grips for sale please? Tange or Oakley .5's preferred please or OGK 77-17A's
  7. Hi Sorry I just saw your response now I had it up on FB and someone has taken it
  8. Anlun frame and fork set powder coated silver but didn't come up the best Couple small spots where it's lifted a bit strip and powder a different colour if you want $130 pick up or organise post
  9. Would anyone have red grips for sale please? Tange or Oakley .5's preferred please or OGK 77-17A's
  10. I have a cheapo 24" if interested, It's not a Hotfoot not sure if it's an Apollo. It's been pulled apart since I got it, needs work and has a stuck seat post. I'm in Melbourne if you want to meet up, I don't have time to build it I have some parts to go with it as well. Let me know.
  11. Sold lock it up please
  12. In good condition some wear need gone $110 plus post
  13. Price drop $100 plus post
  14. One year on and it's still available lol
  15. Time to sell some stuff to make way for the next project Anlun frame and fork, powder coated in silver. Anlun stem chainring and spider, in good condition little bit of wear. Only the parts listed are for sale, the rest are not included. $550 pick up only from Northern suburbs Melbourne, unless you can organise post yourself. I don't have time to deal with post, due to work and family commitments.
  16. It’s hard for me during the week, because I work long hours. Weekends are the only time I get family time, I don't get much time to do anything.
  17. Yes but organised by you/have someone in Melbourne who can pick it up for you
  18. Or $400 frame fork stem chainring and spider
  19. Ok $280 !frame and fork (not the TX500's on the frame in the fourth pic)
  20. @Bambi sent you another pm
  21. only price drop $300 losing too much as it is
  22. Frame and fork separate $350
  23. @Bambi pm sent
  24. 1981 Torker L.P

    Beautifully restored by the magician Arthur 1981 Torker L.P
  25. @dannyp84