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  1. How does it fit a grown up? Can you get the bars to a comfortable level for say a 6 footer?
  2. Good stuff - Thanks guys.
  3. Hi, I'm fitting a few old school parts to my 09 Quadangle cruiser. I have picked up a Kashimax seat and a lay back seat pole. However, the seat pole OD is smaller than the frame ID. Are sleeves available to make up the difference? If yes, any downside to using one? Alternatively, are lay back seat poles available in the larger size?
  4. Just fitted these TNT bars and went for a spin - much much better. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Is he "onevwfreak"? Currently selling two sets of TNT 27.5inches x 8inches Cruiser bars?
  6. Thanks guys - any chance you could post a few pics of these combo's.
  7. Hi guys Maybe not strictly an old school question but didn't seem to fit anywhere else either. I stopped riding eons ago but I picked up an 09 24" quadangle recently. It came stock aside from a different seat post with a slight lay back in it. I'm 6'1" and in trying to get comfortable on it I've set the seat pretty high and the bars tilted a little forward. Still feels a bit off with my arms/hands a little low. Is is possible to raise the stem on these bikes? (i haven't pulled the stem apart yet but its a very different design from my old Team Mongoose) Would a bigger set of bars be a better option? If yes, can anyone recommend a good cruiser bar that is relatively tall? Thanks for the help. Ps. Just how heavy are 24" Tuffs?
  8. Thanks guys - Cheers.
  9. What are the main differences in frame geometry between a freestyle bike and a race/normal BMX? From checking out various pics it looks like the freestyle bikes have their rear wheel set a bit further away/rearward from the seat post tube? Is this correct? Any other differences?
  10. "have a bit if fun playing around" Yep, that's the main plan. Thanks for the advice. Can anyone recommend a peg type/brand?
  11. Hi all, Just picked up a 24" Quandangle for a bit of fun. I'm 41 and, a long long time ago, I used to ride (everywhere), race a lot and used to do a bit of "trick" (as it was known then) riding. My favourite bike was a blue Team Mongoose with a Uni seat and other mods. Perhaps stupidly, I would like to try and learn a few flatland moves. The bike is stock aside from a lay back seat post. What mods would you recommend for an old beginner? I was thinking of adding some foot pegs F and R? Can anyone recommend some?