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  1. Wankers
  2. Yeah they are Jase. second thoughts i'm keeping them """" NOT FOR SALE."""""Sorry. Close the thread mods.
  3. The hub centers are a light gold not silver in the pics which are,nt showing the real color of the hub centers.Heres another pic of the hubs.Hope this helps. Cheers
  4. Dibs and pm me for payment details,2/3 days for post.. Hi all selling this awesome wheel set laced with s/steel spokes will make a very nice addition to any old school build and show "worhty." The rims have a few scratches and marks from being built and the hubs are very nice with f/all marks, these have only been show mounted on a couple of builds. The Anno is like "brand new "as with the hubs org stickers and brought from a guy in the states yrs ago by the name of Jeff Haney nice fella.THE WHEEL SET IS NOT REPOP. OZ Wide post $890.00 Thanks for looking
  5. Sold!!!! lock it up mods
  6. Dibs and pm for payment details,allow 2/3days for post.. Hi all selling a set of flight 401's and the org b/bracket and org 44 t sprocket,the cranks are 175mm with a few scuff marks and light scratches. The chrome is in very nice condition bright with no rust pitting ,the bottom bracket in excellent cond with the org hardware.The redline sprocket has some scratches and over all in good org cond. Price is $680.00 posted OZ Wide Thanks for looking
  7. You cant go past a redline brute stem they didn't break where others did.
  8. Snake belly's look good mate!!!!!!! and their in the right direction,ran'em back then too. Nice look'n pk their.
  9. Yeah a lot of copies of a lot of bmx shit comes out of those country,s.Peeps think their buying the real deal.And the bmx museum sucks.
  10. Its going to look good mate.
  11. Looks good!!!! my eARLY FLIGHT camo pads have the se wings on them in babe blue???and the handle bar pad is a little longer.
  12. Great find mate,leave it the way you found it. That was my first bmx too dragster frame malvernstar which snapped in two after jumping to many times lol.
  13. Way to go blue and brown.mine baby blue and brown and org paint.