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  1. $80 pick up or plus postage .
  2. Price drops , Pro suade seat $ 260 . OPC $80 Messinger quilted seat $80 . All prices pick up or plus postage .
  3. $375 is the lowest I will go . Thanks for looking .
  4. Price drops , Suade pro seat $300 OPC , $100 Quilted messinger seat $90 .
  5. Price drop , $450 .
  6. This Item is sold thanks . Lock it up please admin !
  7. I have for sale a pretty nice set of JP Square peddles . They were in realy used condition when I bought them . Problably on some kids bike in the US somewhere , cages were bent and rashed bad on the outside face where kids just drop their bike on the concrete . I stipped them reserected the bearings , staightened the cages , sanded them back by hand and polished them . They have been on my Moosegoose for about 2 years . Decided i have too much invested in my bmx's and looking to sell a few bits . The shafts are 9/16 for 3 peice cranks , and are billet stainless steel . All new polished stainless button head shaft and cage bolts . Spin realy nicley and are an awesome looking peddle . Be carefull wheeling your bike around with , they draw claret realy easily . These are very rare and hard to find . They have a few marks on them but they are a few years old . Looking for $ 500 pick up in Deception Bay Queensland , or plus postage . Price is slightly negotiable . I also have 1 spare peddle the same I have not restored yet , and an NOS set of light Blue cages and some used cages as well at extra cost !
  8. Ohhhh Redfin , thats just wrong , thats someones potential kid your asking bout .
  9. I have for sale a pretty nice Mongoose Gold Stem . All original fittings and the chrome iis still in pretty nice shape . Not perfect but very nice for its age . Its exactly as I bought it 3 or 4 years ago and has been on my Moosegoose . Original sticker as far as I know and it is showing its age . You can see remnants of some gold coloring on the stem shaft in one pick and there is still some gold showing under one of the clamps . $400 pickup Deception Bay Queensland or plus postage . Thanks for looking .
  10. Open to reasonable offers !
  11. Open to reasonable offers !
  12. I am selling a used FMF seat with a couple of blemishes but still presents very well , and a brand new FMF pad set ! $120 pick up Deception Bay Brisbane or + postage !
  13. I have some mongoose stuff for sale . First off I have a late 70's , early 80's Mongoose pro suade seat in pretty good condition for sale . Its a survivor with no tears , cracks or scrapes . The gold lettering has long scince worn off so I replaced them with decals bought of ebay . Did not think they would stay there , but 3 years later they are there to stay . Couple of little marks , but presents very well . $350 pick up Deception Bay in Brisbane or + postage . Next I have a stamped mongoose One Peice Crank in good condition. No cracks , bends , rust . A couple of small rash marks as per 30 + years old stuff . $120 pick up Deception Bay or + postage . Lastly I have for sale a late 70's early 80's Mongoose messinger quilted seat in good condition . A couple of blemishes, being a bit of rash on both sides at the back ( worse on the right side ) . A scrape on top of the nose as well and only a little bit of surface rust underneath. Still looks good on a bike and the badge is in pretty good shape . $120 pick up Deception Bay or + postage . Will have some more for sale soon .
  14. How much approx would shipping to Bribane cost Champ? Interested in the Moto 2s .
  15. Ahh spewin I missed it . Oh well will keep watchi g for the next one .