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  1. Ahh spewin I missed it . Oh well will keep watchi g for the next one .
  2. dude, where you at? trying to send you a set of bars. please respond :)

    1. Bigshow


      hey Xave , sorry for the absence , been busy as . 


    2. xave


      dude please respond to the PM i sent you... i need your address :)


  3. How much for shipping to Deception Bay , Brisbane , queensland , 4508 buddy ?
  4. Its both when its needed !
  5. Does Bricko mum often swin around with dolphins ?
  6. Ahh make sure you use proper Sandblasting abrasive . Sand is very dangerous as it shatters when it is used for sand blasting and silica can cause some very nasty shyte , like cancer and stuff ( similar to aspeastos ) Soda ( baking soda ) won't remove rust but is good on paint and will remove all traces of oil or silicon from your piece . The unit you showed actually work very well on small areas , good for bike parts , and I used to use a portable toilet/shower tent you buy from camping stores , a professional 3M breathing face mask and disposable overalls to sand blast this way .
  7. It's exactly as it came except for the pads which I don't have anymore .
  8. Hope there will be security cause there will probly be a lot of eye candy to get easily distracted by !
  9. Looking to sell my 2014 Kos Kruiser , white in Color as I want to build a 1980 Kos to go with my 80 motomag and moose . This bike is almost like new . Only has about 150 kms riding on it . Still has the little nobs on the tyres . Has a few scratches on the bars where I mounted accessories and some scratches on the crank arms and pedals . Also comes with a matching Coca Cola bar and stem pad . Could fit a red motomag style chainwheel if you want to go with the red highlights . Looking for $400 pick up in Brisvegas , postage extra . Should be around $40 on the east coast with ecouriers . Dibs win followed by pm for payment details . Can't receive monies to my PayPal acct for some reason, so D/D will be the go .
  10. I haven't been buying much lately though , because of the shyte Aussie dollar .
  11. I just started a thread on the museum asking for someone to be a shipping agent for me . If a seller won't send to Aus , I just get them to send to my "Agent " and he onsends it to me . I ad a little extra to the shipping cost for his trouble . This system works well .
  12. Maybe a Rongoose ! Ahhhh , l'll just hide over here .
  13. Wow , very nice !
  14. Will there be a security set up like the Oxley show n shine so no bikes get pinched , or do we have to watch em like Hawks ?
  15. Hey mate, just seen on the job thread that you were looking to produce a BMX film or show . Just wondering if you have anymore info or made any progress on it ? Thanks mate .