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  1. Cheers Scotty I haven't been on this site for a few months and I stand by my negative feedback and want to share it with others. It had to do with a wrong order I recieved by mistake and how my pissy little $34 order wasn't sent until I repackaged and posted it back, sent the tracking number but had to wait until they recieved it and made sure I didn't knock anything off before sending my actual goods a paid for weeks prior. It was 2 tyres and a seat post from memory. I'd spent thousands with them in the months before. They offered me express post to make amends.. So long see ya later I'll never spend a cent there again like you said if you don't like it go elsewhere and I have but if your going to run a business and profit from people we have a right to voice an opinion what dealing with you was like. It sucked. Please restore my negative feedback
  2. Price Drop to $850 will accept 50% deposit and weekly payment plan if it helps anyone.
  3. 1982 Mongoose California Special for sale as complete bike. Frame and fork set original chrome survivor but has been recently assembled with mostly new repo parts and team mongoose decals. Frame set in good structural condition no cracks dints or rewelds. Chrome is generally really good for a survivor but some deterioration starting around gusset areas. Dibs rule, prefer direct deposit but PayPal is available. $900 posted. Parts as follows Original California Special frame and forks Sugino GT square tapers cranks Refinished Suntour Gold stem Viscount Dyna seat (repo) New sealed bearing Tuff II's MX1000 rear calliper and front lever (repo) New sealed bearing BB kit New headset Suntour style seal clamp and fluted post (new) Chopsaw retro style chainring Izumi gold chain (new) VP pedals (repo) Braided gold brake cable (new) Generic pro bars (new) AME grips (repo) Repo decal set
  4. My apologies for any confusion. Details have been disclosed to the buyer. If anyone is actually interested in buying anything PM me for details as per the post. I don't have a gun to anyone's head to buy and if your not happy with anything I'll refund you. Stem and Cranks listed as vgc and if there was any confusion about them being restored I thought it was pretty obvious although the post mentions the stem anyway. It's not as though I'm trying to palm anything off as something it's not like has been done to me by others no here. These are all stamped early 80's parts
  5. Mint Araya 7x 36 spoke stamped Suzue High Flange hub wheel set. Professionally built and in mint show condition. Trued and laced with new spokes. As a special offer I'm also throwing in a set of near new Tioga Comp III tyres for fellow OZ BMX members. Never fitted on a bike. Dibs rule applies. Prompt payment is appreciated. $390 includes postage anywhere in Australia Sugino SR Stem. VGC. Professionally refinished. Original bolts. Never fitted. Dibs Rule $125 posted in Australia. Takagi Ultra Dyno crank set. VGC. These would be mint except for dings on the inside of the spider. I doubt you'd even see them when fitted. Tapers and threads are excellent. Bids rule. $175 posted in Australia. PM me for details
  6. Thanks segodfather for taking the time to let me know these aren't what I thought they were. i appreciated your PM. i wasn't trying to mislead anyone I was told these were the real McCoy when I brought a complete they were on. I'll remove these from sale. Cranks are still available going cheap $80 posted so I can lock this up ASAP Price reduction Takagi Tourney cranks $80 posted