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  1. Hi Oz, is there a trick to put a for sale add on here. have tried to put 1 on but no joy. trying to sell me ke-1 but cant seem list. let me Know if there is some secret, otherwise will go ebay. thanks.
  2. Hi needing help to id model and year. Thanks in advance.
  3. Mine was done by Ray. It has been restored, but I ride it. Its no good just looking at it. do you get out on yours much. Also that 24 looks awesome too Lucien. I would like to have one of those also. How does it ride? Would be nice to see some other quicky cruisers on here.
  4. Hey there, i cant say i had this back in the day. I have had for this for about a year or so but is a great ride. I was about 10 years old when this was build but remember the big boys racing them.
  5. Mate thats awesome. I have one myself. Great to see an original ad. Thanks.
  6. Awesome, did you buy as complete or build up?
  7. Hey mate, great looking survivor. Do you have any pics back in the old days as original. Would be nice to see. Cheers.
  8. Hey guys, I ventured down to the old track after 35 years. I must say there are a few more jumps than back in the 80's. Really enjoyed going around a few times. it was little bit hard to do much on the 26 so will venture down with a 20 next time. was good to remember some old times. would be nice to see some photos of some other tracks revisited.
  9. Hey Bernie, sorry I meant to say back in the day not bird. Anyway have you done anything with the bike yet? It will be nice to follow your progress. Cheers.
  10. +1. If it is all about the bikes, why do we need to know who owns them. It should be the merit of the bikes and yes other members may know who's bikes they are and may get a favoured vote. What about members who aren't known so well? I am sure their bikes are just as worthy. In the end, isn't it all about how nice the bikes are, not who the owner is!. Anonymous sounds good until the announcement of the botm winner, then the owner could be revealed. Maybe that would add interest to botm.
  11. Hey Bernie, great to see a survivor from bird. As you said, my first race bike was a crossrider pro, purchased as f&f. Added all the parts to complete. Great to see the thread revived. I am sure there are a few other followers of this great Aussie classic. Build it how you had it. I am sure you will get some great feedback here. Cheers.
  12. A pr240 on the way lads. Nearly there with the build. It will be my rider. All og survivor fnf and parts bar tyres. Hangin to give a rippn. Hope to be done early 2017.
  13. Nice. Surely the greatest race bmx bikes bitd!
  14. Hi Oz, I have a set of gold Shimano dx cranks I would like to swap for early gen profile crank set if anyone is interested. cheers.
  15. Hi Brickos, do you have any idea what year these are?