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  1. Love the ET,s - still on my radar one day
  2. Hmmmmmm beutiful. Your bike room is like Tutankhamens tomb my friend! Full of unimaginable goodness
  3. Killer. Someone will be very happy
  4. Love these bikes, they look great and finish up grouse!
  5. I had this scenario exactly and built it back to how it looked at McEwans where my folks bought it from back about 81 weighs more than a small car, has no fancy parts on it BUT I wouldn't swap it for anything "boutique" or "desirable" under any circumstance.
  6. top shelf as always Aiden! did you have this complete at one point or is that another RTT PK of yours I'm remembering or am I just confused lol hope all is well mate, been a looooong time between chats.
  7. Hahaha
  8. Yep, SF Giants fan. Finally went to a game last year on my birthday at Giants Stadium (AT&T Park) against Oakland Athletics, battle of the bay game 3. Beautiful stadium - went merch silly lol have always slightly preferred NFL but MLB right up there.,
  9. hahah, mate i'd be happy to compete in a "bore off" with you, i reakon i'd be right in the mix - after 3 days my days and movements are as predictable as an old family recipe LOL
  10. Absolutely diggin this new layout!!

  11. This one is is all wrapped up - If anything unlikely changes I'll post it back up
  12. BOOOM!
  13. thanks dudes!! yeah, its bummer to let it all go but I just dont have the time to get down the track and i'd rather cut my losses and let someone else enjoy it. its all top end kit so the next owner will enjoy the crap out of it no doubt!! ...Archie, hope you and fam are well bud!
  14. Hey Guys Been meaning to do this for a while but just been too busy at work and a tad lazy. I dont have facebook and dont even know if there'll be anyone on the site keen on this sort of thing but I'll offer it to the good folk here first and if that fails worry about another media platform in a few weeks. Due to work commitments my ability to make any time to use this has been rendered useless for well over 2yrs now and this has just sat in the shed. TIME FOR IT TO GO!! I'm pretty confident you 'll agree its ripper deal for anyone wanting a race bike + more... Everything is excellent to mint condition Intense Podium Pro Cruiser frame Crupi Rhythm Cranks and Sprocket & outboard BB Profile Elite Race Hubs Front and Rear Profile Chain Tensioners Answer Scythe Pro 24 Carbon Fiber Forks S&M race Bars TRP Danny Robinson Signature Carbon Fiber brakes Jet Black Pedals & Lock on Grips Tioga Spider Seat Pro Seat post Demolition Stealth Stem Sinz Headset Tioga PowerBlock Tyres SunRingle Evny Rims Everything was bought by me individually and built up to the spec I wanted. NO expense was spared really... I don't have time or ability to post this - so bike is pick up only from Doreen or Preston in Victoria. If it helps i can arrange to meet the buyer somewhere one evening that suits us both. Price: $1050 - if you want to pay via PayPal add their fees in please As of next week (13th March) I'll be away for 3 weeks, If someone is keen on this and pulls the trigger prior to this date I'll also throw in. Podium Pro Cruiser 24" Frame (silver as pictured), this is a perfect frame. 2 sets of Tioga PowerBlock tyres THE shin guards - never used Body Armour - never used SixSixOne Race Helmet Scott Goggles + 2 sets of new colored Scott visors - never used Price REMAINS $1050!!! Can't really think of a better deal right now for an as new race bike with top end parts and a host of extras.... thanks for looking please ask any questions and i'll answer as quickly as possible for you. I'm keen to sell so talk to me if you're genuine. cheers Dan
  15. Lol, and on the seventh day....