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  1. is it 10 o'clock kick-off? can't seem to find the flyer...
  2. Just frame and forks, and you're right, stamped 96, but officially 97 model. Trying to get the right parts, but not easy. Got a few bits coming over from the States, but the postage is a killer. Yours looks awesome. I'll get there at some stage, hopefully!
  3. Just sizing her up for a seat covering.
  4. 24" Ci. Pretty well perfect condition. My first mid-school build. Looking forward to something different. Would be keen to know if anyone else has got one of these. Seem few and far between.
  5. You mean that clunky old Harry Leary has just become 1000000 times cooler.......
  6. Some nice parts, too. I take it the cranks and third pedal aren't new out if the box, though.
  7. Nice. Bargain.
  8. Very nice. Love the loop tail minis. Problem is you run out of kids to justify building more of them.
  9. Oz made maybe? Weren't always stamped, if I remember correctly.
  10. Pretty sure that they are originally Lee Chi's with Pro Class stickers. Do you still have it?
  11. Did the brake go with the frame and forks? Searching for a rear pro class brake, so thought its worth asking!
  12. Found this today in Thailand. Also, could do a cooking class called "Learning to cook with Poo".
  13. Good pick up. Great rest job, too. The bars look like Pro Class. Surely not...