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  1. Well deserved win Tack!!! As usual, amazing attention to detail :-)
  2. Yeah....this hobby can really bring out the ar5ehole in people :-(
  3. 10th sounds good to me mate!!
  4. And it just happens to be The Professors race bike and comes with his original race jersey and pants. Very nice for someones collection who will probably need very deep pockets.... :-)
  5. If you have a look at this you can see the difference to the head tube and rear dropout compared to yours. This is the MX2/MX3
  6. I wouldn't always rely on what decals on are a frame to base your decision. Pretty sure it is an MX2 or MX3, doesn't have the 5 inch head tube or Proline dropouts. Check out this: Very nice score though, pretty nice parts :-)
  7. Not sure that is a Proline or PL20? Doesn't have the 5 inch head tube...but I could be wrong...
  8. If you want to pay that....I have one just for you....LOL
  9. I just don't get the bell thing at all.... We aren't allowed to ride on the foot path and dinging a stupid bell at a truck or car taking over the space you used to be in (before ending up underneath said vehicle or off the road), is going to make absolutely no difference....
  10. Sorry, can't help with any of your questions.....but love the colour!!!
  11. As the saying goes: A Good Job isn't Cheap & a Cheap Job isn't Good....
  12. +1 It's too easy to miss....
  13. Is that distance or speed?? :-P Either way, pretty impressive....
  14. Can't say any more than what has already been said Glenn. Just makes you realise how much you need to enjoy each and every day and all the people that are in your life....
  15. The Big Short About the Wall Street Bank Collapses....great movie....but scary how it happened