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  1. This was the pic I had in mind when I started the build. Now sadly parted out but I'm glad I was able to get it done. On to the next build I guess
  2. Are there any discussions or any news on getting the feedback fixed? I had a chat with Marty a some time back and understand what happened but I just wondered what the latest was on getting things resolved? It's probably not a big deal to most but being an overseas member, I took a lot of time and care on my sales and it's useful to point new people I deal with towards this site to check out my reputation. It just doesn't look so great now with all the neutrals If there's chat somewhere on it, can someone pls put up the link? Cheers, Paul
  3. That's awesome jimmy boy Have you come got any catalogue pics of the complete bike? I think there'll be plenty of people keen to see it.
  4. Be good to see that catalogue spec jimmy boy :icon_tup: Any chance of putting up some pics? So what's the story? Are you planning to build them or are they for sale?
  5. Pics of a Rapier cropped up on the RB FB Group recently. Thought they would make a good addition to this thread:
  6. Hey, thanks for the kind words lads I always had white forks in mind for the build and they lent themselves to being powdered. I don't mind mixing it up a bit plus they came with the frame when I bought it.
  7. Mk1 Tioga Team tribute build Tange Champion MX Tubes with 'boomerang' gusset, 'Giant' style drop-outs. Parts List: Tange TX-1200 Forks, Tange Meriter MX-Pro Sealed Headset, Tioga Taskforce Stem, Nitto Cr-Mo Bars, Grab On MX-2 Grips, Kashimax Bar Pad, Shimano Pre-Bent Lever, Shimano Cable & Cable Clips, Tourney DX Caliper, Tange SC-1 Clamp, Tange Fluted Post, Kashimax Super-Pro Saddle, Takagi Tourney Cranks, Takagi / Tange BB, Tioga Surefoot II Pedals, Izumi Chain, Early Zeds on ACS Hubs, Comp III's, Shimano 333 Freewheel. Sorry about the crap indoor pics. The red doesn't look quite right The weather has been grim here for a while now but I'll get some better ones done when I can. Hope you like it
  8. Looking forward to this build mate
  9. Love it and that chrome is stunning
  10. Please Note: This will be shipped from the UK via Royal Mail International Recorded Delivery. House Rules apply - Dibs then PM for payment details (please send payment within 24hrs). Happy to answer any questions via PM & feel free to check my feedback if needed. Cheers, Paul NOS DC 890 Rear Brake Set - $220AUD Posted Extremely early, complete set, Caliper dated: 04/80, Cable: 81 MA4, Lever 02/81 All parts in excellent condition with the original, early style DC stamped blocks. Please note: Cable has small marks / indents where its been coiled up for 34yrs!! Original box has seen better days but hey, it's the original box!! Not many like this out there
  11. Very very nice
  12. What happened??
  13. Shame to cover up that lovely brazed work with all that powder!!!
  14. Look similar to mine from 82/83: If it helps, this one is stamped: H C I & I've got another one stamped: F C I I had trouble finding anything on Win date codes