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  1. I was paid for a job I did (restoring a pinball playfield) and was also given this part bike. Can anyone tell me what this may be? And how it is currently hanging in my shed.
  2. Hi All. Have to down size on my hobbies and also in need of cash. Selling my 1987 Haro Master frame which has been Chrome Powder Coated by Robertos. Was going to build this up nice as a rider. $700 or ono. Cheers
  3. Cheers. This is a 2012 model. I also had a new tune done (dyne tuned) the tuner and ex racer (1/4 mile) also owned a speed triple. They may not have the power of the Jap sports bikes, but the flat torque curve more than makes up for it. And also a real seat, which you have mentioned makes it so nice to ride, almost natural. Go get another !!!
  4. Gave my bike a clean. Few mods done to it, including shortening the Akropovic cans.
  5. Thanks guys
  6. Had this Haro for a while. Was a full restore everything done by me, Painting, restoring parts etc. Only thing I did't do was chroming on the Cranks. When I originally restored it, I fitted it with a Master Chainwheel and Flight Cranks and a normal layback seat post and also the Sport / Master Forks with flip down standers. So last year I restored the single piece chainwheel and had the single piece cranks chromed got a fluted seat post and had the original forks lying around... So come yesterday I had a break from my normal day (which is my full time job and my part time job of restoring Motorbikes and Pinball Playfields) to finally swap the parts over to make it original. Oh also got PD MX15 pedals for the bike, which needed a lot of work. Here it is, I'll eventually powder coat the bike and bling it up more but that will be later...
  7. Cheers, Haro Nut also sms'd me to confirm this.... Thanks!
  8. Hi All, Building up two sets of Peregrine Super Pro wheels. Both sealed bearings, both double walled. Difference is one is polished and the other chromed. I've got the decals but do the stickers that are "H P- 48s" Do these go on the Polished set. And these on the chromed set Or do they both go on each rim? Cheers
  9. Gives another option to use, I'll use this as well as shipito and ustooz
  10. Yeah sorry for the Hijak as well. Here's what a SLG can do for an LCD monitor. And a bit of an overall shot.
  11. I restore pinball playfields, and have built a few arcade machines in my time. Lookup Aussiearcade great arcade/ pinball / console forum. Even a few Bmx nuts. I've got a Sega Outrun stand up and Hankin genuine remake both using slg's.. Will post pic when home. The remake Hankin uses an Industry type of lcd, viewing angles are a lot better over standard lcd monitors
  12. Get a SLG for it. Scan line generator. Mimics traditional crt, and looks great.
  13. Thanks guys, Took it for a 6.5 KM ride to friends house and back, brought a big grin to my face... This is in his back yard.