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  1. One of my good friends is the local Police Duty Officer (yeah there are some good ones...), essentially the boss of my area cops. I asked him on Sunday morning about all these new fines and mentioned the concerns of BMX riders, particularly the "dangerous riding" offence. He was aware of what's coming, but said it really doesn't change anything because all the offences (apart form the photo I.D) are already in place and are rarely, if ever, enforced. He also told me that traffic offences are only applicable on a public road, not in a public place, so doing tricks in the skate park or even a public park aren't subject to traffic rules. Pretty much, he told me to stop worrying about something that isn't likely to happen. I do, however, live in a small country town where life is a lot slower and the cops all know everyone so it may be a bit different in cities.
  2. Hi guys. I haven't been on here for a long while because I have been through a lot and suffering depression badly. I had a bad accident almost three years ago and haven't ridden a BMX since. I used to do a bit of racing and a lot of skatepark riding with the local kids but due to the damage to my shoulder I couldn't ride standing up so BMX bikes were a thing of the past. I have head injuries and memory loss and can't remember names of people (even good friends) most of the time. I also lost my job and put on a lot of weight from not exercising. Not being able to ride has been hell! I fix bikes for the locals in my small shop, but it's driving me crazy not being able to do what I love. I've found a few new hobbies but none compare to the fun I had riding with my BMX mates, especially the rides around Sydney when I could make it up there. Anyway, I just saw this topic and wanted to let anyone that might remember me know that I'm still around and wishing I was having the fun you are on a bike. They were great days.....
  3. I just recently got my latest HZ Sandman. Sold my Supercharged LH Torana SL/R, my Valiant Safari wagon and another Torana to get it. I've still got my LC Torana that my Mum bought new in 1971 and my WB panelvan as well.
  4. Sandman van or Valiant wagon, but I don't get to ride a BMX as much a I'd like now.......
  5. Run a die nut down the bolt to extend the thread and cut it off at the right length for a rear. Piece of cake!
  6. It's a year already? That sure has gone fast. R.I.P Mate.
  7. So the Grands is off? Man, I was coming up with a trailer full of my old school stuff to sell..... Would have been great to catch up with everyone too.
  8. Fixed wheel bikes are a great training tool for racing to improve leg speed, but are the most ridiculous bike to ride in city traffic. Why anyone ever thought that riding in traffic with no brakes was anything less than suicide I can't imagine. They are an accident waiting to happen.
  9. Looks like I missed a great day (head injuries notwithstanding!). I spent the day building a trike up for an 85 year old lady from the local retirement village, all the while wishing I was in Parramatta with you blokes! Had a short local ride today. Getting more stable, but my shoulder is still letting me down. I'm determined to be there soon.
  10. Big Rob will be there in spirit. Have a great day guys! Maybe soon I can be there for real.
  11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally don't think they look right, but they DO ride really well. A couple of years ago I had a friend bring one around that he wanted restored. I quoted him a very reasonable price and he said he'd think about it. A few months ago another mate asked me about putting a motor on a BMX. I told him there wasn't enough room to fit a motor in the triangle and have it work right. I thought he'd given up on the idea until I saw him fly past the other day on a Moosegoose with a Z Box motor. It turned out he'd found the other guy and bought it off him. He welded brackets on and just ruined this thing! I was so pissed off. I'll get some pics next time I see it and post them.
  12. A very sad day for Australian Cycling. Stuart was a role model for many riders and has just proven that anyone can do the wrong thing when under pressure to perform. Just to clarify a point that some may not understand, EPO is a blood booster that helps increase the oxygen carrying capacity of a given amount of blood. In short, it makes you a bit stronger. It's exactly the same result you get from altitude training. He didn't take "dope" in the sense of a stimulant or mind altering drug. I'm in no way condoning what he did, but some people confuse this type of drug taking with people taking heroin, speed, etc. What he did is currently illegal and so should be punished. The list of other riders that have retrospectively tested positive can be seen on www.cyclingnews and includes Eric Zabel, Laurent Jalabert, Jan Ullrich (surprise!), and a bunch of O'Grady's team mates of the time (even though he says he did it alone). There are obviously a lot of stones still to be overturned.........
  13. Yep, we're all addicted. I don't even know how many BMX's I've got and 3 years ago I didn't own any! My shed is so full of bikes I have to work on the car outside! And the car rarely gets worked on because I'm too busy with bikes.
  14. Looks like a great day.... I'm envious of you all and can't wait until I can join you on a ride soon.
  15. I'd like to publicly thank Lee (Rocket on here) for sending me a PM and offering to come down and help me out with some urgent chores. I don't even personally know Lee, but that didn't stop him offering. OUTSTANDING! I'm overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. I love OZBMX!