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  1. Both sold now.
  2. Red Sold. Chrome still available.
  3. Yeah sorry, JDB ones
  4. Chrome stem $350 posted within Aust Red stem $300 posted within Aust Both stems in great condition, and hardly used. Chrome stem has small mark on rear corner. (I had more pics...will post more soon, once i hunt em down) Don't have much interest in bmx anymore so selling some things. Dibs only if you can pay paypal asap please.
  5. There is a facebook page for bandogge bikes but it's pretty quiet. Waiting to hear about a release date...*crickets chirping*
  6. Yes. I kinda did last year, but my collection was not a huge one. Coming off 12 months of no driving, sold my 84ish hutch pro racer with all the goods and retro quad to ensure funds available for a nice RSV4. I now have a nice V4 in the garage.
  7. Brilliant! Hopefully i am not too late for one of the Bandogge frames.
  8. These look brilliant. Gotta love Aussie made stuff. Are these made by the same guy making the Bandogge Bikes?
  9. Nice! I've a soft spot for gixxers, had a SRAD and a '90 oil burner (i am considering getting another). Have done a few track days too but not on RSV4 yet, sometime this summer. Would love to go sky diving one day too...add it to the list.
  10. Motorcycles... I've ridden since 94 and covered lots of kilometres, love em. Had a few crashes and broken nothing, went over the bars of my bmx and busted my collarbone...go figure. Currently have an RSV4.
  11. Went for a ride last Sunday, ended up doing about 35 k's. Was a cold overcast Melbourne day, max was about 15 degees
  12. What size are the bars? Pro? Aaaaand how much posted to melb 3131