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  1. I'm @ a loss for words, always called a spade a spade, It was Ben's knowledge that helped me snap up a Quicksilver 24" a few years back, had plenty of chats with him & managed to get a beer or two with him over dinner also. Another one of us gone, Condolences to all family members left behind. Our community stands with you all in this time of sorrow! RIP BIG FELLA
  2. I keep coming back to this Joe, Gorgeous!
  3. Crisp All Day Long
  4. Bullseye USA Polished Hubs $385 Selling off the remainder of my stock, Price includes delivery Australia Wide Instant PayPal Payments Only Dibs Rules - Go
  5. Shimano DX Seat Post $450 Show Mounted Only (Was NOS) Mint Condition One tiny mark on one of the decals Price includes shipping Australia Wide Immediate PayPal Payments Only Dibs Wins Need to thin the herd! Cheers, Chad
  6. Well done Mark, You will do well buddy, Continued success brother!
  7. The grail of clothing right there, Well done brother!
  8. Not a better idea heard all week! AGREED
  9. Love it Andy, Fkn love it brother..... DIBS
  10. Acs

    I purchased a set of these for SeGodFather, Jon maybe you can shed some light on these mate?
  11. Yup, Our brother Miamibmx aka Jez is surely your man!
  12. Nah mate, Got 2 sets in each colour, these are worth EVERY cent!
  13. NOS SPEEDLINES & these are still here? WTFFFFFFFFFFF
  14. I remember staring @ those after lacing them..... Gorgeous!
  15. Taity is a standup guy, what else ya expect from a Novocastrian bro!