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  1. Hey Tack,

    Hope you are well.

    Is your mailbox full?

    Cheers Jas

  2. Hi All, Had this bike for a while,but my kids bought me a toy for the front of it! Funny little fookers... Thanks for looking, bins
  3. Very smart looking build! Nice work.
  4. Kong -Skull island. Great to have worked on it too! Good to see it smashing the box office. Here's a behind the scenes pic. Check it out ! bins
  5. Be patient though. it takes several weeks to get here cause they are very slow to post!! Just saying.
  6. I grabbed one too and it works great on a Gold Stem as well. Should do the trick nicely on a Suntour Stem!
  7. Really good deal Dave! Nice one. jas
  8. Thought someone dibsed this? oldschoolbmxstore...
  9. Hi Oz, Thought I would put 2 cousins side by side for a direct comparison. BMX Products made frames. Basically identical geometry from what I can tell. Reckon probably the same jig? Anyway, bins
  10. He's one.
  11. I was on.....
  12. Hi All, Got this crazy ride. Good fun! Cheers bins
  13. NOS 1980 Supermax Cro-mo Tange TRX forks Padset
  14. Supermax five hole Og pads.