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  1. Well done mate, nice detail and something a bit different! My little fella would love one of those...
  2. Nice bikes so far guys, well done to all so far for the blood, sweat & tears...
  3. I use electrical tape and mark the ponits in texter. I just use Metho on the frame first to clean it and work very carefully and precise. The only thing I would say with the mongoose repop stickers is the rear brake bridge ones seem to loose tack where they overlap on the wraparound.
  4. That is looking awesome, can't wait to see the end result.
  5. Ive used Vincies for re chroming cranks and gold plating my stem etc. Quality was great just had to wait a while. I sent my frame to gripsport for full resto and rechrome and its come up mint. You can expect to pay around 250 for rechrome and around the same on resto depending on what is needed. Saying that I'll be interested to see how Marty goes in Perth as shipping East is pricey...
  6. Thanks Guys, Just like to sit in my little shed with it hanging on the wall while knocking back a few beers. Very pleased with the end result, thanks for following the thread hope you all enjoyed as much as I have. Now I just need to get to some shows to meet you guys and you can see it in the flesh..
  7. All finished guys, Im in love! How satisfying is this...
  8. 81 Supergoose II Finally my first build and my dream bike is completed. Please enjoy the pics and thanks to all those on this site who have helped along the way. Cheers Shan'o. Refurbished........ 81 Frame/Fork Refurbished and rechromed 81 Stamped Cranks rechromed 81 Stamped Spider re gold plated 81 Stamped Headset 81 Stamped BBracket 81 Stainles Steel Seatpost 81 MX1000 Rear Caliper 81 Stamped KKT Pedals 81 Stamped Stainless Steel Bars 81 Gold Stem re gold plated Araya 7X Refurbished by Benny NOS....... 81 Stamped Seatclamp 81 Stamped Reflector and Bracket Mitsuboshi CompIII 20x1.75 Tyres 81 Pre Bent Dia Compe Lever KMC Chain Kashimax MX Seat & Guts</div> Reproduction....... Factory Grips Factory Sticker Set Padset <div></div> <div></div> <div></div> <div></div> <div></div> <div></div> <div></div> <div></div> Thanks for Looking.
  9. Thunder Herbert!
  10. #32 Magic Johnson- From my basketball days as a young bloke, what a LEGEND.. Kostya Tszyu - Boxer with great heart and integrity (loved it when he K.O'd Zab Judah)
  11. Here's some photo's..Who's going to build my wheels while your gone Below Karrijjini One of the many Gorges, Me and the kids at Tom Price and Game fishing on the Dampier Achapaligo
  12. I'm in Karratha probably a bit far down from the kimberley, great fishing and not to far down the road is (5hrs) Ningaloo Reef 3.5 hrs Karrijinni National Park. Would only be worth it if you were going all the way to perth though!
  13. Is that a rats tale hanging from the back of your hair do? That is old school 80's! Nice work..Welcome.
  14. Worked most of today and got this far (starting at frame only) just waiting for my forks to come back from the chromer and need to find a blue Kashi then she'll be all done!