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  1. Components for sale, all prices include shipping to Oz. PayPal please. No fees to me. Bullseye BB Survivor Condition- $175 MX kashimax two hole seat Blue Survivor Condition - $175 Please PM me if you have any questions. Cheers Jim
  2. Spewing, I have contacted the seller prior to you dibbing it to say I'm going to dibs it, but before I do I needed to know the payment options.
  3. Looking for a 79 JMC standard long look no further! Refinished frame and forks with survivor components that came with the bike. This standard long came with a special history, it was one of Jim Melton's grandson's 1980 Christmas present. The frame and forks had been painted blue and grey, the bars were painted white and the pro neck and seatclamp were painted blue. It also came with a crankset, bottom bracket, pedals, seatpost, seatclamp, headset and brakeset. The bike’s certificate indicated that it was originally white at birth. With a little elbow grease the majority of the components came back to life quite easily. The frame and forks on the other hand need to be stripped and powdered back to its originally colour. I added 7c’s wheelset, MX seat, A’ME grips and comp 2 tyres to finish it off. I have spoken to one of Jim’s grandsons about this bike and I believe this was one of four JMCs that were given to Jim’s grandchildren for Christmas. I'm looking for $4000 Oz ONO shipped. PayPal /cash. Pickup offered as well. Don't have all the cash... I will do part cash part components deal as well. PM with any questions or offers.
  4. Shimano Dura Ace 170mm crankset with KKT pedals SOLD
  5. A couple of sets of cranks that require a new home. Campagnolo Strada 170mm crankset Beautiful original finish set of Campagnolo Strada 170mm crankset, includes Campagnolo 42 tooth chainring, steel Campagnolo caps, Campagnolo chainring bolts and bottom bracket. Perfect for your next old school BMX build. Looking for $240 including shipping. PayPal please. Shimano Dura Ace 170mm crankset with KKT pedals Survivor set of Shimano Dura Ace 170mm crankset with KKT pedals perfect for your survivor build. Included Shimano Dura Ace 170mm crankset, KKT pedals, 39 Shimano chainring and shimano onekey caps. Looking for $230 shipped. PayPal please. PM one with any questions. Thanks for looking.
  6. Dibs a set please.
  8. And sold thanks heaps mate.
  9. Mint red dia-compe MX1000 (1984) with pads and right side red Tech 4 (1985) red lever. These would be perfect to finish your old school BMX. These are the real deal and not reproductions. Looking for $165 shipped. PayPal please.
  10. NOS Red JMC padset (no stem pad). These are repop ones that were produced a few years ago. Looking for $65 shipped. PayPal please.
  11. Nice set of 9/16 Skyway pedals with gold cages. One spindle has a tiny bit of surface rust. Thanks for looking. Looking for $250 shipped. PayPal please.
  12. 1st gen DY bars $725 SOLD
  13. Campy Strada 170mm crankset with 42 chainring with American BB $275 SOLD
  14. If anyone is interested in individual components... All prices shipped. PayPal please. 1980 Standard long JMC F/F (re finished to match it's original colour (this F/F was featured in the book 'classic rides') Paint chips on the drops out and couple small chips on the forks under the decal Repop JMC padset (not pictured) $1500 1st gen DY bars $725 Square Tuff neck $165 Suede MX kashimax seat & 16" GT seatpost $350 (if you buy the clamp as well the package will be $400) MX dia compe seat clamp $75 Campy Strada 170mm crankset with 42 chainring with American BB $275