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  1. Nice bike
  2. My pads arrived and i had a bit of time to test them out. Almost there the cranks are off getting refinished and a few extra bits on the way. I think I am going to go with the blue pads
  3. still looking for blue rat traps
  4. decals on, just need some blue rat traps
  5. Decals arrived, and did a quick mockup, pad should be done shortly
  6. Found a photo of me with my cousins on our bikes
  7. wow looks amazing
  8. My first bmx was a Pantha, then i got my Diamondback Silver streak which I rode up till 15-16 when i got into mountain biking
  9. Pads and decals are only mockups the artwork has been sent off hope to get them back in a few weeks. I had to redraw the artwork, luckily I found a couple of good reference image online.
  10. Ive started my first build a NZ made Pantha Scout, i picked up a frame a forks off, trademe and then scored another scout with a knackered frame and forks. First step a nice OA bath, i was very pleased with the result, some pitting but over all looks great, picked up some araya's and have had them relaced to suzue hubs and also a set of fairly rare Hanabishi cranks. The frame has been repainted at some stage and new decals applied, the decals are pretty crap quality so i have redrawn the artwork and also made the artwork for a new pad set, i am going to get a red and blue set made. Next job is brake, grips, and tires
  11. Post to new Zealand ?
  12. Classic small world, he's up next week I have to tell him.
  13. yeah Dad "Peter Douglas" worked then owned the bike shop in kuripuni, I think dad was quite involved in the creation and running of the track in masterton. We spent most weekends there as a kid. He also worked in a huge bike shop down tawa way, that had an indoor test track.
  14. Yes malcom pointed me to nos on Facebook. Itching to get into it but still collecting parts
  15. I am in Auckland (southside) grew up in country Wairarapa