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  1. Jake... that's a wtf'nf...
  2. no we didn't. That's a photobucket fail
  3. Damn. I'm always crap at remembering birthdays. Another under the belt . starting to feel old. ..
  4. When I got to about 35 (20 completes) I figured it was too many. I try to keep it to single figures now. Someone once posted in a similar thread that their advice was to only have one build on the go at a time. Hard to do, but good advice.
  5. Good old rooster sauce is a staple, quite a fan of the nandos extra hot perri perri too, good flavour with a bit of a kick. Always up for a challenge though. Should put in where you can get it.
  6. Next door to Ulan.
  7. Put something in your signature...
  8. Never send a woman alone to buy tyres unless they have some idea...
  9. In ultra high performance nitrogen makes a difference. It doesnt expand or contract as much with temperature differences so creates a more stable tyre pressure and is thicker due to the lack of hydrogen. The argument is that Nitrogen atoms are larger than carbon which is the base of rubber, but rubber is really complex stuff as you are dealing with organic compounds. The variances (thus variances in results) can be enourmous. For most purposes the benefit is minimal, or more perceived rather than real.
  10. Electrostatic attraction when you park your bike on carpet.... - What fool parks their bike on carpet? ^^^^^This is part of the reason^^^ Get a valve tool and give your valves that little tweak, they are always just a little loose. People underestimate the importance of a good valve cap too, it is actually a better seal than the valve. Or... lets get technical When tyres get hot and cold they expand and contract and the pressure varies accordingly, 5 degrees can make as much as 3psi difference. Once expanded it is harder to go back the origional size, you have the same volume of air in a bigger area = less pressure. Repeat over and over taking into account that the seal is expanding and contracting that tiny amount too, causing an imperfect seal. The valve becomes reliant on pressure to hold shut. You will probably have noticed that a tyre that is well inflated is more likely to stay inflated than a tyre that started at a lower pressure. The "special gas" (nitrogen) that they sell you to inflate your tyres stabilises this somewhat, the belief that it is not going to leak cos its "thicker" air is part of the fix - nitrogen is still pretty low on the periodic table, it is more a case that it doesnt expand as much under heat. Most rubber used commercially in tyres (with the main exception of earthmover tyres) these days is synthetic, which is molecularly smaller than natural rubber and copes better with heat, is less porous but is more likely to develop a memory. Older tyres that you would put on a carpet queen would be more likely to be natural rubber. The grade of rubber used makes a huge difference too, ultra fine rubber suitable for frangers or specific mouldings is pretty expensive. It is a lot less porous but you cant re-use a franger once it has been expanded... Dont get me started on what electrification of tyres does, but you need more than a little static. 20 years in the tyre game for me too.... someone kill me please....
  11. Sorry - no whats it worth threads, topic locked
  12. Lee - you don't load out of wilpinjong do you?
  13. Sad news, my condolences to his family.