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  1. .
  2. Awesome SE. well deserved
  3. The SE is on fire
  4. I was talking to a guy here in Adelaide and he said he bought 10 in to aus but i dont even know that many world wide
  5. Thanks Ads, it was a long time coming but well worth the wait. I had a hand from a few friendly bmx lads from here and OS to get her where she is now
  6. The last one i know of was found in a church or something
  7. Cheers rado, im pretty dam happy with the way it turned out. Just a couple ore touches and itll be finished
  8. 84 ghp trix
  9. Very rare, but these frames seem to be found in the oddest places. This one was found in a storm drain in Victoria
  10. That is sweet
  11. 84 ghp trix. this puppy was brought back from the dead 84ghp frame and forks with ghp star bars hutch stem and epoch headset skyway graphite tuffs with pana tyres ame bubble font grips and dc brakes all round robinson pole, dc clamp and shotgun seat suntour chainwheel and gold powerdisc profile cranks and dx pedals
  12. sorry for the crap pics
  13. hey guys, this one has been a long time coming. I knew about this frame 2 years ago and have been waiting patiently in the back ground trying not to push to hard. I got her in a poor state of affairs but I think shes up to scratch now.
  14. Cool mate, no worries